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Hitler Youth

ww2 social studies project . student from bronx green middle school in the bronx

Roberto Vega

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Hitler Youth

What was the Nazi Youth ?

The Nazi Youth was when independent youth groups absorbed Hitler's creation. Sixty percent of German kids were enrolled into their movement. There were different programs for boys and girls aged 10-18. When the kids joined Hitler and his Nazis brainwashed all the kids in anti-Semitism. Who were the Nazi's ? The Nazi's were starting gangs of unemployed soldiers in 1919 . Hitler encouraged National pride , Militarism , and a Commitment to the volk and a racially " pure " Germany . By the end of 1920 , the Nazi Party had about 3,000 members . The Nazi Youth league was headed by Gustav Leak who made small units in Nuremberg and other small cities . May of 1922 the Nazis held a meeting at the Burgerbrau Keller , to proclaim the foundation of the youth . The meeting only attracted seventeen youth members . By november 1923 , the Nazi with 55,000 follwer , were the biggest and best organizion at that time .
Adolf Hitler was born on April 2oth , 1889 in the small town of Austrain near the German border . Both parents came from poor peasent families . Hitler was Thirteen when his father died . In 1909 Hitler joined the military . Hitler went into a deep depression and could not stop crying after he was blinded in a Britsh Mustard Gas attack . Hitler was a spy in the German Army for a couple of years intill he was put in jail for being part of a mob who beat up a rival Politician . When Hitler was released from prision he descided to run for Chancellor . The Nazi Party won 13,745,000 votes which gave them 230 out of the 608 seats in the Reichstag. Nazi Youth Effected War world 2 because alot of changes happened after Hitlers Armies invaded Poland . Hitler As well , as his Nazis captured about 8.8 million kids from their families. At first Hitler only wanted Sixteen threw Seventeen year old kids in order for them to take care of the younger ones . A few days pasted untill Hitler Ordered his men to go on the hunt for kids Ten threw Eighteen . On the other hand Hitler only wanted the girls to watch and treat the wounded soliders . This Video will show you how strict Hitler was when it came to his youth . Once you were , Assigned to a misson it had to be done or there would be consequeses . The children of Nazi Youth went threw alot such as taking orders from a Pscyho Path named Adolf Hitler . The children were forced to only see the poistive side of hitler no matter what . Hitler also brain-washed his youth on believing that Hitler was their father and he would also care for them . Last but not least , Hitler always told his youth that the Jews were at fault. Hi , My name is Roberto Vega , from class 804 . I will be having a presentation on Hitler's Youth , called Nazi Youth . I hope you enjoy ...
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