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Teacher Pay

Teachers deserve more compensation for their hard work.

Julia Lewis

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Teacher Pay

Teacher Pay Current Teacher Salaries In The United States Why Are Teachers So Important? Teachers are a crucial component to the future success of their students Without teachers, students would
not have the opportunity to move
onto forms of higher education and
have a successful future. Research suggests that a good teacher is the single most important factor in boosting student achievement, more important than class size, the dollars spent per student or the quality of textbooks and materials (Klarreich et al. 28). RAISING TEACHER
SALARY WILL...... Attract more intelligent
candidates to the
field and eventually
improve the overall
education system The percent of people
that would consider
teaching if the starting
salary was $65,000
is actually a pretty high percentage. a study conducted by found that of respondents said 76% many smart people don't go into teaching because it doesn't pay enough bottom 30% The most recent data from the
College Board shows that
college applicants planning to
go to schools of education scored in the on their SAT's Their combined mathematics and reading scores
were 57 points below the national average. combined math
and reading scores
(SAT) 68% HOW DO OTHER COUNTRIES COMPARE? Singapore’s strategy involves “setting beginning teachers’ compensation at a level comparable to that of other leading professions” (Tucker 45) if we the amount of we give teachers, they will be compared to other leading professions such as DOCTORS CHEMISTS LAWYERS $ by: Julia Lewis It has been shown that good teachers, even kindergarten teachers, increase students’
earnings many years later. In most of these countries, beginning
teachers are paid what
beginning engineers are paid. a large fraction of beginning teachers are paid
a wage that doesn’t permit them to support a
small family above the UNITED STATES poverty line (Tucker) OTHER VIEWS teachers are overpaid HOW? Teachers are not
working during... Thanksgiving SPRING BREAK SUMMER and Christmas “Most Americans
work about
forty seven
weeks a year,
while teachers, on
the other hand
work about thirty
eight weeks a year.” Work less than
other professions Use their
own time Further growth
of society Inspire students
to be the best
they can be Call To Action 7 Homewood Blvd
Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 870-4203 Contact the Homewood City
Schools Board of Education Write a letter to the board
expressing that you think teachers
should be receiving more compensation.
Attend a Board meeting and talk
to someone about your thoughts
concerning teacher pay. Figure 1: Thank A Teacher by Brad Perkins Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4: X Icon by milker Figure 5 Figure 6: Money Bags by johnny_automatic Figure 7: Time by Mike Licht Figure 7: Singapore Map Figure 8: Stack of gold coins by Jonah Figure 9: Doctor by MoSelf Figure 10: Woman Chemist by Gerald_G Figure 11: Man in black suit by barineau Figure 12: United States Map by bnielsen Figure 13: Coins (Money) by mystica Figure 14: Beach Ball by rg1024 Figure 15: Carton Spring by StudioFibonacci Figure 16: Thanksgiving Day Icon by nicubunu Figure 17: Christmas Tree by Theresa Knott (Cloud & Fastenberg 47) (Kristof) (Tucker 45) (Hess)
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