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All About Me

No description

Kate De Schutter

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of All About Me

My Name.
My full name is
Kaitlyn marie De Schutter.
Kaitlyn is an irish name for Modern Phonetic, and my middle name Marie in English and French means Bitter. My last name has a lot of meanings but my favorites are, "still, standing", "to die", "dead" and "dagger".
My Name
Color (s)
bunch of anime
Watch Anime
Things i like to do #1
It's kinda stupid
Lucky number?
All About Me
Kate De Schutter aka North Italy
my drawing of somewhat human foxy
My Hobbies?
Spare time
Laghing Jack
things i like to do #2
Me Italy XP
What do I like to do on my spare time
My Favorite color (s) are
Blue ~ Because when ever I looked at something blue it woud make me feel better.
Red ~ Because red was my late grandmas favorite colour.
Pink ~ For also my late Grandmother
because my grandma had cancer so we wore a lot
of pink.
Black ~ This isn't a color it's a shade but I like this shade
because my mom wears it a lot so black reminds me of her.
I call 7 my luck number, although it's not lucky for me. Thee only reasion I call it my lucky number, is because when I was 7 years old, my mom and I where walking and we came across this odd crack in the sidewalk. It looked like the number 7, so since then I've called it my luck number.
I guess my hobbies are

Writing Songs and or Books.

Doing random resurch.
Recording songs.

Dancing (Russian)
I watch anime but I don't watch as much as some of the students in the class the only ones I've seen are...
- Black Butler
- Fullmetal Alchimist Brotherhood
- Howles Moving Castle (Anime Movie)
- Hetalia
- Junjou Romantica
- Your my Loveprize in Vewfinder
- Sentimental Garden Lover
- The Tyrant who Falls Inlove
I love to be a little scared but on my own choice, so I like to listen/read to creepypasta. My favorite Creepypasta Of all time has to be Laughing Jack!
I don't know why but there is something about laughing jack that makes me feel happy!
Music Genre
Metal (Charmaine told me to put it )
8 Bit and or Techno
Nightcore ( I dont care if
its not a genre im putting it down anyway
That I like
Whats my Favorite band (s)/ solor artists
One Direction
The Beatles
Three Days Grace
Ed Sheeran
Things i like to do when im in the mood to do so
Play video games
Learn random facts
watch YouTube
Make short stories
Hang out/ chat with friends
Learn words in different languages
Favorite Shows?

Due South
Doctor Who
Family Guy
The Simpsons
The Addams Family
Mondern Family
Favorite Movies
Harry Potter
Batman movies
Spiderman movies
The X-Men
The muppits
Epic Movie
Astro Boy
The outsiders
The conjuring
Coronation Street
Saterday Night Live
Betty Boob
My Anime shows
Charlie Chaplin Movies
- I am learning Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, sign language, French, Thai, some swedish and a few others.
I have 4 brothers, 1 sister, 3 or more aunts,
2 or more Uncles, mom, dad, an Opa (not family by blood), 1 grandma and grandpa on my dads side, 15+ cousins.
3 cats named Izzy, Willow and ace,
1 dog named Shadow
2 dogs we use to have Joe had passed away november 26th 2014 and my old dog that we had to give away named Zoe she was my dog but we had to give up sadly. R.I.P
+ More
Favorite Food(s)?
My favorite food(s) are
Penutbutter and jam sandwetch
Food(s) i don't like?
Lime/green gello
Sea Food
Favorite Drinks?
Apple Juice
Orange Pekoe
Earl Gray Tea
- I write poetry.
- I am a part of the LGBTTTQQIAAP community.
- I have about maybe 10 books published online.
- I am reading over 315 Manga.
- I play an instrament called the Ocarina, from the Legend of Zelda series.
- I'm trying to learn the guitar
- I love to do resurch on random topics
- I am, and like to be a part of social groups
- I am a heinz 57

Big Hero 6
Matthew Santoro
Tyler Oakley
Shane Dawson
Arlington, Texas
Jackson, Michigan,
United States
Hilo, Hawaii,
United States
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