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Psychology: Media

AQA Psychology (spec A) Unit 4

Tahmina Begum

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Psychology: Media


Influences on Pro/Anti social behavior
Pro - Social Learning Theory
-childrn learn through obsrvation
-oprant conditioning=learn quick
if rewarded
-Eisenberg+others saw Sesame
Street prolonged=increase pro

Anti - Disinhibition
-media justifies violence 4 good
guys beat bad guys=acceptable
-prolonged exposure reduces
physiological arousal=person's

Effects of Video games
research more than 85% video g
& computer contain some violnce
& 1/2 contain serious violence
Social Learning Theory
found 4 yr old watched Mister Roggers Neighborhod showd more task prsistnce & obey
POTTER found past 30 yrs vrbal
aggrssion more common than physical Conclude media lowerd inhibition levels= increase in imitation
childrn exposed prolonged vid aggressive= less likly intrvene in real lyf violnce btn 2 young childrn, cmpard to control grp
Positive effect of vid games
-16 yr old more family closeness, good health,
friendship superior than non-player peers
-346 7-8 yr Netherlands to assess habit &
observed in free time after play game
-no link btn time spent playing comp game &
level of aggression, time spent link=intellignce
Negative Effects
-600 adolescnce found time spent associated
with aggressive feelings, argue with teachers
more physical violence
CARNAGEY et al (07)
-P's allocatd 2 grps 1.violent games 20 mins 2.
non-vio games
-all watchd vid of real lyf vio +measure physiol-
ogical response
-P's frm 1.lower heart rate & galvanic response
to real vio
-Not generalizable only looks at children
-Deterministic ignores role of cognition & free will
-Reductionist ignoress role of bio factors
Persuasion & Attitude change
Hovland & Yale Model
-Receiver=should engage, success
depends on intellignce of receiver
Elaboration Likelihood Model
-ppl react depend on interest level
-Central route=when high lvl intrest
& message followd closly, long trm
attitude change
-Peripheral route=when low level of
intrest, involv superficial cue, less
successful, short trm change

Hovland & Yale Model
-indivd seen mr credible r sucesful persuasion
-found populr & attrctve comunicators effctve
MILLER et al (76)
-efctve comunictr spoke quickly & exprt in field
Elaboration Likelihood Model
VIDRINE et al (07)
-health campaign.Showd need for cognition is
relvant factor in real life health campaigns
-most human essntially cognitive misers, rely
on simple ways to make decisions

Free will-rather than passively persuaded
Psychology of Celebrity
-human behav shapd to maxi chance of reproductive
-Sexual selection=same sex compet & pref for mating
talentd ppl evlovd sexy trait childrn inherit
Evo = General Copying Bias
-claim attractd higher status indivd & copy their behavr
to increase owns
-explains interest in gossip mag

Parasocial Relationship
-1 way relations with some1 who doesn't kno you exist
-Horton claims tv brought celeb into privacy of owns
house=parasoc interaction
Absorption-Addiction model
-proposed by McCUTCHEON et al
>Entertainment social=attractd for entrtainmnt reason
>Intense-personal=strong feelings & engagement
>Borderline-pathological=obessional behavr fantasies
& imagine special rela

Fandom/Celeb Worship
-fans attracted to & identify with celebs who possess
traits & abilities found in ideal self
-celeb worship escape frm real life
-stalking may linkd in early childhood (Melay)
CARRUTHERS Sexual Selection
-cretve talnts indictr intellignc & prob abilty
-both highly valued skills in Environment of
Evolutionary Adaption (EEA)
-natural exp fnd poor male artists mre successful
in short trm rela than wealthy less creative men
-sxual competi hypothesis, hour glass fig & low hip
waist ratio of typ celeb somthing women aim &
men desire as indic of repro
-leads intra sexual slec (males fight) for right mate
with this female (inter ss)
PERSE & ROBIN celeb worship
-study paraso rela with soap opera charac
-f due fact ppl xposd to same charac over again, 1
benefit of paraso interaction is a prcievd reduc in
uncrtainty bout socia rela
SCHIAPPA et al fandom
-meta analysis
-paraso rela likly form with tv celeb attrctve
-thy believd if celeb actd blivable way viewr would
behave in similar situ
DERRICK et al US undergrad
-low esteem see fav celeb as ideal self
KIENLAN et al stalking
-small imprisond US stalkr lost primry caregivr in
childhd & thn mjor loss in 6 months

Evo exp reductionist=
to genetc success ign
role of society
Social LT link desire
of body in media
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