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Brighter futures for children with Islamic Relief

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Kelly Paterson

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Brighter futures for children with Islamic Relief

Brighter futures for children
with Islamic Relief

Children enjoying the
Addis Ababa youth centr
e, which we have renovated and equipped with furniture and 600 books.
We are improving the lives of vulnerable children and increasing child protection in Kenya with
child protection awareness
training. Also, more than 2,300 children are benefiting as we
refurbish and equip an orphanage
in Garissa town.
Haitian children take part in Global Hand-washing Day
Children celebrate global Hand-washing Day in Haiti, where we are rebuilding
five earthquake-damaged schools

- and creating local jobs
Islamic Relief Sudan delivers many education projects - including
Masakani Primary School

in Keringding camp II, and a food for education scheme -
keeping thousands of children in school
This young boy is one of more than 70 vulnerable children receiving
in Yemen - a country in which we are also
tackling child trafficking
, providing
food for education
, and supporting disabled children to improve their
quality of life.
“With the rehabilitation of the home, we will have
a better place

to rest and also to study
at night."
"It’s not just a building, it will be a nice school, with a good environment which is comfortable and safe for the children.”
Eddy, a local builder
"It is helping us a lot, and soon my brothers will also join the school."
Najad, 13

Our campaign is directly helping 185 children engaged in hazardous labour in Dhaka.

The children now have options - including access to
formal and informal education
or vocational training, as well as support to secure alternative means of generating an income.
There are around 7.4 million working children in Bangladesh - some of whom are engaged in hazardous labour which risks both their physical and mental development
Between 50,000 to 60,000 children are thought to live
on the streets of Ethiopia’s capital city.
Niger is one of the poorest countries on the planet - here, we have been providing education, orphan and child welfare programmes since 2006.
We are promoting
access to education
in Niger – particularly for the poorest children – by providing training for teachers and community organisations on
child rights
, child-centred teaching, and welfare. Around 200 marginalised children received a school bag and books.

We are
improving and extending
Khoog Khoor school for orphans in Jalalabad, so even more vulnerable children can access
quality education
. The school is gaining a new science lab, library, health clinic and computer room - as well as a hostel so 50 more children can 'live in' .
We are also providing health-screening and treatment for 2,000 orphaned children as well as for their mothers and siblings in five provinces of Afghanistan
In Bombay Colony, eight education centres are providing children with
high-quality basic education
. Targeting mostly girls, the centres are also educating children about
gender equality
, reproductive health, as well as sexual abuse and domestic violence.
Thousands of children at three schools are equipped to know what to do if disaster strikes, thanks to our training.

The programme taught
emergency preparedness and first aid
in classes and special events.
Four hundred children in eight orphanages are learning small-scale farming - a skill that will help them in later life.

In our scheme, we are establishing seven duck farms, eight catfish ponds with approximately 1,800 square metres of fish ponds and 2,000 square metres of vegetable beds.
Young adults moving on from our sponsorship scheme are
earning a living
with Islamic Relief in Kosova - a country in which 44 per cent of people are unemployed. As part of our project refurbishing and improving poor households, we are
training and employing
adult orphans to work with us.
"I am very lucky to get professional training, because now I have a skill. Islamic Relief is doing a great job, and I am glad that I am part of it." Naim
We run a rehabilitation centre for disabled children in Helwan, and are building one in Cairo, too. The centres provide specialist
care and education
to improve their opportunities in future.
Children enjoying activities at our psychosocial centre. The centre runs
play-based therapy
for traumatised children, allowing psychologists to diagnose and treat trauma over several months, and train parents to help their child recover.
“The team works with children in different ways to treat them for the problems they faced after the war, to overcome these problems and return to normal life.”
Muna Abed, Centre Coordinator
Young people are able to access a unique service in Germany, with trained Islamic Relief volunteers ready to listen.

Muslim chaplaincy helpline
is the only one in the country, and is staffed by more than 60 highly-trained volunteers.

Over 11,000 hours of calls have been received so far.
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