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mars quest

a detailed brochure on the modern mars vacation

addison durrell

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of mars quest

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of our space group. It is our five minute mission, to explore Mars. To boldly go where no other space group has gone before....... MARS Phobos Diemos We will be arriving at our hotel very soon. It is on the edge of Olympus Mons. You will stay at our five star Mars Inn. We will land on Mars in 5 about minutes so we are going to tell you some interesting things about Mars. This is our state of the art transportation craft that will deliver us to the red planet Mars Facts:
This planet has the largest volcano in our

A trench deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Ice, clouds, and moons.
Olympus mons facts: -It rises about 25 kilometers above the surface.

-actual height is 27 kilometers because it starts 2 km in the

-Base is more than 550 km in diameter and it is surrounded
by a cliff 6 km tall.

-Olympus mons is about three times taller than
Mount Everest Average Temperatures (Celcius)

Summer: -52 to -70
Winter: -33 to -125
Spring: -51 to -125
Fall Weather Patterns

The climate on Marss is regulated by carbon dioxide ice caps, the movement of large amounts of dust by the atmosphere, and the exchange of water vapor between the surface and the atmosphere. The temperatures in the spring and summer are caused by massive dust storms, sometimes encompassing the whole planet. They are caused by the movement of You should bring spacesuits for outside walks and activities and a couple of jackets for the resort. It is really cold!! These are the inhaditants of Mars the following are missions to Mars that have succeeded: Mariner 6- took pictures some of the missions to mars were Phoenix- Mars scout lander (2007) Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter And Oportunity and Spirit Opportunity spirit this is one of our most popular resorts with 5 pools, a kiddy pool, a private golf course, and 7 restraunts each with 5 star gourmet food:) with one olympic size pool and 4 water slides this is one of our other popular resorts located by Olympus Mons RESORTS
all of our resorts have private domes in which a backdrop of the beautiful earth sky is pictured this is our private villa for all those families who want to get away for some private family time located to have a spectacular view of the next planet jupiter
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