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English Essay

No description

Heklo Heklo

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of English Essay

The United States of America is over $16,000,000,000,000 in debt. This is not a coincidence at all. The United States has been in economic decline for years. Many citizens have even become so desperate to sustain living in a home that they decide to beg for money on the streets. Why does the United States government allow their people to experience this hardship? Truth is, present day politicians are devious and greedy. In fact, President Obama himself is worth $12.2 million dollars. There are currently wars occurring in the middle-east with the United States, where innocent citizens and soldiers are losing their lives for no sole purpose. The seeds of a dystopia are present in the United States of America through government funding, spying, and manipulation of the people.
The fourth and fifth amendments of the United States Constitution are supposed to protect citizens from government intrusion of privacy. This definitely must include online endeavours of citizens. However, a recent outbreak has been leaked in which the people of the United States are in fact being spied on. Former CIA and NSA employee Edward Snowden was forced to leave the country for arising justice. Edward Snowden witnessed a project in which the NSA is virtually spying on American citizens with the excuse of avoiding terrorism. The phone calls of people in the United States are even being monitored, as well as Skype, Facebook, Google and any sort of communication device. In the present day United States, the National Security Agency is invading rather than protecting. This relates to the novel 1984, where George Orwell creates a society in which people are under constant surveillance so the governing body can assert sheer power and dominance over the thoughts of everyone. The thought of being watched all the time is extremely undesirable, and should only be fiction.
In the United States, media directs people for how they should look and act in public. In addition, the media aims to convince people that they need a material possession, when that is not the case. Corporate greed allows for the media to emphasize spending. Television is filled with commercials of bandwagon propaganda. The manipulation process is supposed to convince consumers that they have to acquire a tangible object in which otherwise they are not as good as another person. The ignorance of the manipulation of the people of the United States is strength for the government. Currently, the news is covering a so-called ‘top story’ of the royal baby being born. Why is the tragedy where a poor, innocent little girl was disfigured by Obama’s drone program the top story on the news? The United States hides what the people truly deserve to know about what is going on in the world, and covers up any big news story that strikes the country as corrupt.


The land of the free?
Or a dystopia?
With all of the money the United States accumulates from tax-payers, the government participates in funding organizations they share equal morals with. However, this dystopian society fails to implement the funding to a cause that is actually worth funding. The amount of money that the United States funds for the war in the middle-east is horrendous. A country should be advancing through love and peace, not through military. Has the United States even noticed that the escalating violence in Syria keeps the world on the brink of World War III? An astonishing $737 billion was spent in 2012 on ‘Military Defence’. A mere $30 billion of that money could have been spent to END world hunger. Sadness strikes those who realize the dystopian corruption of the United States because of the millions of people who are ignorant to government funding. The immense power of the United States is fearful.
The United States government funds immoral and dangerous organizations. Money that could be used to improve education is irresponsibly spent on war. Rather than protecting the rights of the people, the United States decides instead to completely ignore the Constitution and spy on people. Bathtubs and police officers cause more deaths a year than terrorism, however the United States feels the need to invoke suspicion against law-abiding citizens for acts of terrorism that are not even evident. Television is a lie and is the opposite of reality in present day United States. The news and commercials are filled with corporate greed and cover-ups to national corruption. The United States contains more than just the seeds of a dystopia, it IS a dystopia.

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