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Research Beyond Google

University of Minnesota Libraries

Kate Peterson

on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of Research Beyond Google

Research Beyond Google Have never used an
academic library...or read an academic journal Have used Google and Wikipedia for
most resaerch projects in high school......and gotten A's Students tend to use the same strategy to do research--regardless of the assignment or subject Can generally always find information to support their own beliefs Don't have a good mental model to make sense of Library Find it challenging to match scope of assignment and topic Course readings are one of the first stops in a student's research process Tend to have unrealistic
estimates of time needed
to do research (and reading) Need to build critical
reading (and thinking) skills First Year Students Intro to Library Research Part 1:
Search Engines (Google, ASP, Library catalog)
Search Strategy
Finding Articles
What's scholarly?
Quiz Part 2
What's in a source?
Finding Books
Finding Articles
Using citations to locate
Turn in Research Worksheet Library Course Page Databases for WRIT
Course Reserves
Course specific resources
Ask a Libarian and subject librarian
Easy URL: https://www.lib.umn.edu/course/WRIT/1301
https://www.lib.umn.edu/introtolibraryresearch Peer Research Consultants (PRCs): Research your way to an A One-on-one help for student on their topics
Drop in at SMART (Wilson, Walter, Magrath) and MCAE
Students First Year Writing and support "Intro to Library Reseasrch" workshops
Average length of consultation is 30 minutes “He was very helpful in  helping me figure out what I wanted to write my paper on and where I could find the sources. Afterwards I was able to understand my paper.” -Student "...one of my students came in raving about his experience with the peer research consultants....Since then a couple more students have made visits and in their emails to me, I see that their research focus is improving. This is a great service!" -WRIT Faculty
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