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Copy of 2012

No description

Goran Popovski

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of 2012

Celebrating five years flourishing
Macedonia sadhana, yoga, kriya kirtan, joy, happines raising awareness for human values humanitaran actions spreading the message of Love, Gratitude and Joy ! Practice Seva Knowledge Celebrating Peace day MAVROVO Tour- You can if you want - Supporting the equiping children hospital Swami Vaishampayan in Macedonia on
Body Mind and Spirit festival Humanitarian Project "You can if you want" supported by Dutch embassy in Macedonia, 16-17.06.2012, - PHILANTHROPY AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AWARDS IN MACEDONIA for 2012 year (CIRA awards)
Category Individual philanthroph Mr.Goran Popovski Director of AOL Macedonia LET`S GROW TOGETHER Wolrd day of Volunteering -05.12.2012 - with Minister for Labour and Social policy Letters of
gratitude Yoga and happiness ! full moon Yoga meditation and practice july 2012 august 2012 Breath Wather and Sound, May 2012 YES + AOL members city of Stip Art of Breathing in Stip 2012 year AOL Macedonia accomplishments in 2012 year in 2012 year in 2012 year september 2012 june 2012 november 2012 august 2012 Kindrgarden children 2012 year AOL party in city of Stip AOL Art Excel activities World Children day, June 2012 AOL Humanitarian actions in village Dolgaec
August 2012 Distribution of food to social poor families Our dear, dear, guests :) AOL distribution food to the needy World day of humanity We are still waiting for you
Guruji WORLD DAY OF HUMANITY 24.08.2012-
center for people with disabilities world day of humanity LET`S GROW TOGETHER December 2012 Youth event, Let's Grow Together, December
2012 Our families that we took care for New year donation in food event, December 2012
"Choose Love"
New Year
action December 2012 "Choose Love"
New Year
action Celebrating the life with elderly persons , December 2012 May all the world live in peace, love and harmony !
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all the world and our beloved AOL family

To make life celebration.

Jai Guru Dev,

Magdalena Maca Maneva Prison Smart Let's PROMOTION OF THE BOOK
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