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English Study Skills

No description

aaa aaa

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of English Study Skills

Some luxorious and unique hotel in the World Luxury hotels in general.
What is important?
Environment of the hotel
How does it look like
Size and looks of the room
Substance misuse
facilities Mirage:
5 main types of room
all it is luxurious
Mirage had a very famous performance with white tigers
It has one of the biggest casino in las vegas Ice Hotel:
It was built ice and snow
-5 Celsius in the rooms
You can book a room between December and April in every year
1000 € / 2 person / one night
You can pay in some programs Treehouse Hotel
small rooms
open at: 07.2010
impressive outlook
suspension bridges
several types of buildings
400€ / night Atlantis de Palm
unique hotel
This hotel is in Dubai
different views
amazing environment
several recreational facilities Thank you for your attention! Poseidon Undersea Resort of Fiji
Open in 2009
40 feet underwater
$1500 a night
Personal Triton submarine My sources:
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