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Analysis of the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE

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Alexx Oliveros

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE

The null hypothesis of the study is as follows:
1. There is no significant relationship between the
performance in each of the four areas of General Scholastic Aptitude Test namely: Scientific Ability, Mathematical Ability, Reading Comprehension, and the academic performance of the students in the subjects: English, Mathematics and Science.
2. There is no significant relationship between the scores of the students in the NCAE aptitude subtest (GSA and TVA) and their career choices.
Significance of the Study
Statement of the Problem
Analysis of the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) and Academic Performance of the Fourth year High School
students in Antipolo National High School:

Precy T. Oliveros
October 2013

1.Correlating the scores in the GSA with the academic performance in English, Mathematics and Science.
2.Correlating the GSA scores with the career choices of the students.
3.Correlating the TVA scores with the career choice of the students.

Determined relationship between the scores in the GSA subtest of NCAE and the grades of the Students in the subjects of English, Science and Mathematics.
Determined relationship between the scores in the GSA and TVA subtests of NCAE and the Career Choices of the respondents.

1. Scores in NCAE of 4th year students in ANHS

(General Scholastic Aptitude)
*Scientific ability
*Mathematical Ability
*Reading Comprehension
*Verbal Ability

(Technical-Vocational Aptitude)
*Clerical Ability
*Visual Manipulative Skill

2. Career Choices of the Respondents
3. Grades in English, Science, & Mathematics
Proposed Career Guidance Program
Figure 1. The Research Paradigm
1. What are the scores of the students in each of the following aptitude subtests (GSA and TVA) of National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE)?
1.1 General Scholastic Aptitude (GSA)
1.1.1 Scientific Ability (SA)
1.1.2 Reading Comprehension (RC)
1.1.3 Verbal Ability (VA)
1.1.4 Mathematical Ability (MA)
1.2 Technical Vocational Aptitude (TVA)
1.2.1 Clerical Ability (CA)
1.2.2 Visual Manipulative Skill (VMS)

2. What is the academic performance of the respondents in each of the following subjects in school:
2.1 English;
2.2 Mathematics; and
2.3 Science?

3. Is there a significant relationship between the students’ NCAE performance in the GSA sub-tests and their academic performance in each of the following subjects:
3.1 English;
3.2 Mathematics;
3.3 Science?

4. What are the career choices of 4th year students of ANHS as revealed in NCAE?
5. Is there a significant relationship between the students’ scores in the GSA and TVA subtest of NCAE and their career choices?
6. Based on the results, what career guidance program may be proposed in the development of Career Guidance Program in Antipolo National High School?
Students. Result of the study could give them the encouragement and inspiration to seek assistance rom the counselor and to assess their capabilities and interests in their choice of career.
Parents. They play a vital role in their children’s total development. Being their children’s first teachers, they can help very much in determining their children’s aptitude and interests; thus helping and guiding their children in making wise career decisions.
School Administrators. This study will enable school administrators to evaluate the students’ scholastic performance and find ways and means to improve their abilities in the general scholastic domain that can empower them to find meaningful employment, whether or not they pursue college education. They can gain insights into the quality of instruction being given to the three year levels before fourth year.
Teachers/Advisers. The school is the students’ second home. Likewise, teachers are their second parents. This study will enable the teachers to be aware of the prevalent problems and enable them to apply new teaching techniques that can help students attain higher performance in any given test. They can be made aware of their role in preparing their students after high school for college studies and/or the world of work.
Curriculum Planners. The results of the study may provide insights to curriculum planners on the skills and knowledge to be taught in high school as reflected in the NCAE.
Policy Makers. Policy makers should innovate and adapt themselves to the needs of today’s learners and trends in employment of school graduates.
Guidance Counselors. They can assist the fourth year students determining which courses they should study in college and what sort of career they are best suited for. They can provide viable counseling sessions to the students particularly on the issue of unemployment as well as on how the graduating seniors may match their talents and skills for greater productivity.
Future Researchers. They may gain insights on studies which may be conducted in the future that will improve performance of students, not only in NCAE but also in other assessment examinations.
Locale of the Study

The study will be conducted with the Fourth Year High School Students S.Y. 2013-2014 of Antipolo National High School (ANHS), located at Olalia Rd. BNIII, Langhaya, Brgy. Sta Cruz, Antipolo City. It is the first public secondary school in Antipolo City, esblished in 1971 with only few students and faculty members. But now Antipolo National High School (ANHS) has 274 faculty members and non teaching personnel, with complete high school program from grade 7 to senior high school with the total of more or less than ten thousand (10,000) students.
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