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Copy of Abstract Expressionism - Lee Krasner

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Krystal Cox

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Abstract Expressionism - Lee Krasner

Abstract Expressionism by Isabella Roxburgh
modified by Krystal Hering 10/31/2012 Abstract Expressionism Art movement centered in New York City, USA Cannot be cohesively defined in terms of style Emphasis upon the creative process Mutual interest in using abstraction as a form of expression “the art of Europe is over, dead...America is the land of the art of the future”
Marcel Duchamp Photo of Lee Krasner.

"This is so good you would not believe it was done by a woman."
Hans Hoffman "People treated me as Pollock's wife, not as a painter" Lee Krasner Lee Kraser, Gaea, 1966, oil on canvas, 175.3 x 318.8 cm, NYC, MoMA Robert Motherwell said that in the history of all art “there was never a movement as hated as Abstract Expressionism.” Why might this movement have incurred such criticism and wrath?

“You don’t have to paint a figure to express human feelings.” Apply this statement to international art at mid-century. What “human” feelings are conveyed by, for instance, the action paintings of Jackson Pollock or the sculptures of David Smith?
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