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Romeo and Juliet Problems and Solutions

3 problems that occured during Romeo and Juliet and how they could have been solved better

alex gunnewiek

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Problems and Solutions

Problems that Occured in Romeo and Juliet Juliet taking the sleeping potion Tybalt and Mercutio getting killed Romeo and Juliet getting married Solutions
1. Run away with Romeo when he came just before he went to Mantua
2. State that she was already married to Romeo
3. Kill herself
4. Take the potion
I don't think that taking the potion was the best idea to do because there was a chance that she could die or no one would come and get her I think it would have been better if she told the truth or ran away with Romeo Solutions
1. Dont get married
2. Dont get married after only knowing
eachother for so little time
3. Confess to their parents about their
4. The Firar could have said no
I think that it would have had a better
solution if they didnt get married so
fast or if they told their parents about
their love
1. Romeo could had told
Tybalt they were maried
2. Mercutio could have gone
away when Romeo told him to
3. They could have just left when
they saw the Capulets coming
4. Tybalt could have not went
against Prince's orders not to
fight eachother
I think it would have ended better
if Romeo just told everyone he was
married to Juliet haha
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