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Luck by Mark Twain

A brief summary about a short story and its themes.

Kirsten L

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Luck by Mark Twain

Even though Scoresby knows nothing, but he still has something special in his “idiot” or it should be called “Luck” and leading him to the success. And the one called him “fool” that the one can do nothing to accomplish it in his life. C. Explain any irony present. A hero being awarded one of the best English military names of his generation, but his teacher says he is a fool. E. What connections can you make from the story to the real world? In real life people can easily be perceived to be something that they are not, in this story the general is seen as a strategic genius and an innovative mind in the military when in reality he is an absolute fool. In the real world people can be seen in a similar way but be just as clueless as Scoresby. by Mark Twain Presented by:Kirsten Lirio, Paul Smith
Phoebe Nguyen and Jilly Turnbull Period 4
Due: October 2012 Luck A Brief Summary - Starts in a banquet to commemorate an army officer hero
- The man is a lucky imbecile who enlisted in army with no knowledge of world
- Made many mistakes = revelations of genius
- Became Colonel during Crimean War
- He led his troops the wrong direction after being ordered to retreat
- Instead took the opposing army by surprise and the troops could cit through the war front
- Became a high-ranking officer who used luck to triumph his idiocy A. Briefly describe the synopsis of the story. B. What message is the author trying to convey in this story? In other words what is the significant theme? Explain why. Idiocy is nothing.
Hard work and talent are neither necessary nor sufficient for success. They are failed many times. It just helps to be talented and hard-working. But Luck plays a large role in it. D. Why is the story so important that it might be included in your textbook? Because it teaches you a life lesson. The lesson being, you should worry about your accomplishments rather than other people. F. Explain why the short story is effective or not effective. I found that this story is quite effective in the sense that it conveys its message that people should not be judged based on their status but should be judged by the content of their character. Phoebe Jilly Paul So we gave this a bit of thought... Discussion Questions 1.) What role does luck play in a person’s success?

2.) What do you think would be the advantages of being intelligent and unintelligent?

3.) Do people need to be lucky to be successful or can hard work and intellect alone make you successful?

4.) Would you rather be a good person or a lucky person? Themes: Intelligence and Idiocy Luck Thank you! =
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