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RA Class Independent Study 1

True Colors & Values Guided Journey

Jazmin Rew-Pinchem

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of RA Class Independent Study 1

Guided Journey Ok, let's begin. Start by choosing 5 cards from your pile and discarding them. These things that yo uchoose will be things that you can never experience, people you can never see, things you can never touch again. In front of you on your cards, is everything in your life. You were forced to choose 16 things that are now the only things in your world. As we go through this exercise, you will lose some of the items in front of you. These things will be gone from your life forever. You can never regain them and not even their memory will remain. How do you feel about removing five important things from your life? How did you make this decision? Was this an easy decision? What factors played a role in that decision? Now, you must choose 4 more cards to discard. Imagine that you just threw away your favorite pet. You will never again be able to hold, pet, talk with, or touch in any way your pet again. How do you feel? Do you have justification why you just got rid of your pet and kept the long walks with your significant other? Have you already lost a person in your life? Could you explain to them why are less important than the cards you still hold? Again you must choose things to give up, this time 3 cards. What will they be? Did you just throw away your piano or trumpet or maybe it was a sunset or a favorite location? Look at the cards you have left. Which categories ate they from? Are they special people in your life? Are they your most closely held beliefs? Are they your material possession? Are you surprised at any of the choices you've made? You only have 4 cards left. These are the 4 most imporatn things to you in your life that you have left. All other things, people, places or events are gone. Now you must decide which two of these you will throw away, never to be seen again. If you just discarded a person, how do you feel? Do you feel guilty? If so why? Were there things that you would like to have said to that person before you discarded them? When was the last time you told that person they were important to you? Of the last two cards, you must choose only one that you can keep. The other person, object, or belief will be lost to you forever. Discard one of your last cards now. Did you just discard a value? If love or faith is gone from your life, what do you have left? Did you make the correct decision? Do you already want to trade? Look at the one thing remaining. It is everything in your life. The only thing you have. Journal Entries

1. Could you have predicted that his would be the one thing most important to you?

2. Why is it left after everything else is gone?

This exercise is meant to be difficult, however, it is not our intention for you to walk away from this heavy with guilt and anxiety. Please take some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy doing.
Remember your 16 beloved people, places, and things are not really gone. Just remember to be a CONGRUENT person.
Congruence means thinking, feeling and behaving with consistency, genuineness, authenticity and honesty toward others. Congruent persons are those whose actions are consistent with their most deeply-held beliefs and convictions.

3. In what ways are you a congruent person?

4. What have you taken away from this exercise?

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