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victor galarza

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of English

Destreza 1
Identify the months of the year

Recognize the holidays

January 1 *

February 27

Citizenship Day
February or March
People play with water.
Labor Day
19 Father's day
Cry of independence

Bloque 1
November 2
Day of the deceased.
December 25th
Christmas Day
Destreza 3
Identify the different
types of weather
Destreza 2
The beginning of a new year with family.
It is a special day for workers.
El 10 de Agosto de 1809 se proclamó el Primer Grito de la Independencia de Ecuador, en Quito.
A day when you eat turkey.
Buses bread eaten with colada morada.
A night where all children receive candy.
3,4,5 in Easter
On that day Fanesca eat.
Special day for my dad
Learn some action verbs.
Destreza 1
Break (romper)
Buy (comprar)
Draw (dibujar)
Eat (comer)
Play (jugar)
Read (leer)
Bloque 3
Destreza 1
Identify the vocabulary to be used at the beach.
 Learn how to use the verbs in negatives
she's laughing
He's skating
Destreza 2
she's playing
She's drinking
She's singing
Read a text in order to
comprehend the acqired vocabulary
life saving
 Learn the expressions used to talk about free time
Destreza 2
I like playing football
I like swimming with my friends.

I like going to the park
I like going to the cinema.
I like watching TV
I like going to the beach
Destreza 3
Learn the numbers from 20 to 100
Destreza 1
Listen to a story, reorder it, and answer the given questions
In the heart of the forest lived three little pigs who were brothers. The wolf always was chasing them to eat them. In order to escape from the wolf, the pigs decided to make a house each.
The smallest made his from straw, to finish first and go out to play. The middle one built a cottage from wood. Seeing that his little brother had finished already, he hurried to go and play with him. The oldest worked on his house of brick.
'You'll soon see what the wolf does with your houses,' he scolded his brothers but they were having a great time.
Very soon the wolf came behind the smallest pig and he ran up to his straw cottage, but the wolf blew and blew and the straw cottage fell down.
The wolf chased after the pig through the forest, who ran to take shelter in the house of his middle brother. But the wolf blew and blew and the wooden house toppled. The two little pigs were off like a shot from there.
Breathless, with the wolf hot on their heels, they arrived at the house of their big brother.
The three went inside and firmly closed all the doors and windows.
The wolf stood to think over the house, searching for some place for him to enter. Using a very long ladder he climbed to the roof, to sneak in by the chimney.
But the big pig put on the fire a pot of water. The greedy wolf went down inside the chimney but he fell on the boiling water and scalded himself.
He escaped from there giving terrible howls that were heard in all the forest. It is said that he never ever wanted to eat a little pig.

En el corazón del bosque vivían tres cerditos que eran hermanos. El lobo siempre andaba persiguiéndolos para comérselos. Para escapar del lobo, cada cerdito decidió hacerse una casa.
En el corazón del bosque vivían tres cerditos que eran hermanos. El lobo siempre andaba persiguiéndolos para comérselos. Para escapar del lobo, cada cerdito decidió hacerse una casa.
Ya verán lo que hace el lobo con sus casas – reprendió a sus hermanos mientras éstos se lo pasaban divirtiéndose.
Sin perder tiempo el lobo salió detrás del cerdito pequeño y éste corrió hasta su casita de paja, pero el lobo sopló y sopló y la casita de paja se derrumbó.
El lobo persiguió también al cerdito por el bosque, que corrió a refugiarse en la casa de su hermano mediano. Pero el lobo sopló y sopló y la casita de madera se vino abajo. Los dos cerditos salieron disparando de allí.
Casi sin aliento, con el lobo pegado a sus talones, llegaron a la casa del hermano mayor. Los tres se metieron dentro y cerraron bien todas las puertas y ventanas.
El lobo se puso a dar vueltas a la casa, buscando algún sitio por donde entrar. Con una escalera larguísima trepó hasta el tejado, para colarse por la chimenea.
Pero el cerdito mayor puso al fuego una olla con agua. El lobo angurriento descendió por el interior de la chimenea pero cayó sobre el agua hirviendo y se quemó.
Escapó de allí dando unos terribles aullidos que se oyeron en todo el bosque. Se cuenta que nunca jamás quiso comerse a un cerdito.

Destreza 3
Talk about the importance of taking care animals.
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