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No description

ricardo majoor

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of ict

my work
my presentation about myself
about myself
i'm Ricardo majoor
i'm 15 years old
i have one brother he is 17 years old
i have a job i work at the c1000 in soest but i don't like it.
my hobby's are playing football, kickboxing and gaming
my attitude
what i want in the future
what are my specialties
i can work very good if i'm concentrated but i also can work bad but i always try to do my best.
i'm also good in sport because that makes me feel happy.
who i am
i'm Ricardo majoor
i'm 15 years old
i live in soest
family: mother and
i have one brother he is 17 years old
i want in the future work by the koninklijke marechaussee work at schiphol because it is exciting for me.
what do other people think about me?
i don't know how they think about me and if i would be fair i don't care what they think about me.
this year i think they don't like me because i have to study a lot so i am never with my friends.
what do i do if i'm at home?
when I come home just take a drink and lay on the sofa.
after 15 minutes i am going to do my homework and than go to my friends to go to soccer
what did i already learned by ICT?
i learned to build a pc and what a motherboard is and how you make a website with only html
i also learned to use google forms, sketchup, excel, word and pp
my family
i don't have a big family but every saterday i go to my grandma and grandpa and there i see my family and we breakfest there.
why did i choose ICT?
i choosed ICT because i like the way they work in groups and i like computers. also there s a problem because i liked to do something with sport but there where only 3 people on that education.
what are my good qualities?
being a team player i don't like to work on my own because i think that when you work together there would be a better result
i think my attitude is good but also not because I'm not concentrated enough and than i can't work very good because of my concentration
practical training
where did i do my practical training ? i did my practical training by the police.
what did i do during my pratical training? i wasn't allowed to picking crooks but i was allowed to sit in the car and say like there is the crook.
i also learned a lot like how it go's in the ARC and what police work realy is not only action and fun also boring paper work and nothing to do but even when you don''t have something to do there is always work like some mutations.
what did i learned on school?
the last 2 years i learned a lot of things like
how word, excel, access and powerpoint works.
how is my attitude?
If I would be honest it could be better it is not that i don't like ICT but it's not my thing i can't do anyting with the computer i am not good in it.
what i want to do after groot goylant?
i want to go to the MBO Amersfoort the schools name is bokkeduinen.
my training is sport en bewegen probably niveau 3.
i expact that it is a realy good school with a lot of sport.
the require are: having a good condition, be able to swim and be a team player.
what does my new school expact from me?
they expact that i alway's listen to them, have a good condition.
vmbo licence.
practical training
in the 3th year i did my practical training also by the police in the two weeks that i did my practical training i had learned a lot like what to do with a big accident and arms controls.
sometimes i realy didn't like my practical training because the times are so stupid sometimes you have to begin on 6:30 and it ends on 16:00 an sometimes from 14:00 till 0:00 and then you are so super tired.
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