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The Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympics

Kacey Green

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of The Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games The Winter Olympic Games are a multi-sport event held every four years. This features many different sports that can be played on snow or ice. These feature winter sports held on snow or ice. There are a total of 15 sports. Such as bob-sledding,
figure skating, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, and Alpine skiing.(These are some of many winter sports held). There are not as many countries represented in the Winter Olympics as there are in the Summer Olympics. The first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France 1924. Many countries have hosted the Olympics, but U.S.A. has hosted it the most (four times). France has held it three times. Austria, Canada, Italy, Japan, Norway, and Switzerland has held it twice. Russia will hold the next Winter Olympics in 1014. This wil be their first time to hold the Olympics. O / / The first international multi-sport event for winter sports were the Nordic Games, held in 1901 in Sweden. In the first Olympics there were a total of 258 atletes participating. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, there were a total of 2629 competitors. Do you have a favourite Winter Olympic sports? How about a favourite person in the Olympics? Shaun White who is a professional in snowboaring... or Lindsey Vonn in Alpine Skiing. Well, you have many faves to choose from like...
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