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In Cold Blood

No description

andrew whitaker

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of In Cold Blood

a presentation by
Haley Murdock
Emily Miller
Andrew Whitaker
Part 1
"The village of Holcomb stands on the
high wheat plains
of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call '
out there
The Effect of the imagery is that it juxtaposes a calm setting and a murder.
"Hard blue skies and desert-clear air"(3).
The weather's impact on the setting
"It was
apple-eating weather; The
sunlight descended from the
The perfect family vs cold-blooded killers
The Clutters
Dick and Perry
Christian family
Community role models
Two grown men
"Like Mr. Clutter, the young man... Never drank coffee"(14).
"plenty of hair on them there walls"(37).

"I only remember Nancy's Teddy bear staring at me"(60).
The mood created
Part 2
"It was what he had said after running down a dog, which was something he did whenever the opportunity arose"(112-113).
It is an example of Dick's sadistic mannerisms
"During the past few days he'd known a hunger that nothing... seemed to interrupt"(90).
The hunger is a symbol for Dick's blood lust.
"Boy! We sure splattered him!"(113).
A gory image implants itself in our minds and displays Dick's sadistic nature.
Part 3
"Envy was constantly with him [Dick]; the Enemy was anyone who was something he wanted to be or who had anything he wanted to have"(200).
The incident with the shells on page 200 has a literal and symbolic meaning.
"with a knife in his hand, he, Dick, had power. Big-shot Bastards like that had better be careful or he might 'open them up and let a little of their luck spill on the floor"(201).
Part 4
"He named it Red, and Red soon settled down, apparently content to share his friend's captivity"(254).
These actions show the presence of Perry's human nature
On page 308, Perry gives Mrs. Meier a picture of himself from when he was 16, because that is how he would prefer the world to remember him.
Some of the favorite poets of Lowell Lee Andrews, an inmate on death row with Dick and Perry, were Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost.
"But the way it was, it was like picking off targets in a shooting gallery"(335).
The Overall Effect
Throughout 'In Cold Blood,' the use of figurative language dramatizes the theme of American crime, and makes a true story a readable novel.
Perry made the Clutters comfortable
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