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buildOn Primer

Creation, Success, Structure, Models, Finance

UO buildOn

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of buildOn Primer

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Illiteracy and Low Expectations through Service and
Education What makes us different? Methodology Site
Selection Domestic Global Community Gov't buildOn Jim Ziolkowski Creation 1992 Nepal Himalayas Education Abroad
& US Misomali, Malawi Learn poverty low
expectations illiteracy Serve Trek Impact Domestic 136 Highschool Programs
950,000+ Service Hours
95% -> College
50+ Chapters Impact Global 466 Schools
72,000 Students Daily
900,000+ Work Days
Communities Transformed Global
Staff Nepal Country Director Construction Manager Trek Manager National
Staff West Coast Midwest East Coast New York City Philly Connecticut Bay Area Oregon Seattle Chicago Detroit Staff Specialization Programs Nicaragua Country Director Construction Manager Trek Director Masons Logistics Translators Site Selection Scheduling Ministry of Education Mali Country Director Construction Manager Trek Manager buildOn gov't Covenant skilled labor
funds unskilled labor
space transport
support community Followup Curriculum Join the Movement buildOn Primer Esteban Vollenweider Tell Me How What about the Money? UObuildOn@gmail.com
buildOn.org Support Volunteer or join the team Development Events Design Operations Service Education Trek Communications Outreach Director
Public Relations Director
Outreach Coordinator Photographer
Artist Fund-raising Director
Fund-Raising Co-Director (2)
Fundraising Coordinator (3)
Events Coordinator (2) Service Director
Service Coordinator Development Director
Development Co-Director (2)
Accounting Coordinator (1) Trek Director
Trek Co-Director
Coordinator (1) Operations Director
Membership Director
Accounting Director
Operations Co-Director Education Director
Education Co-Director TEAMS Directors Operations Director* Trek
Director Outreach
Director* Recruitment Design Team Class Raps Admin Internal
Efficiency Progress Logistics Promotion Interviews Fundraising Director Development Director* Accounting Director Manage Accounts Transfer Funds Inform Decisions FR Events Backwards Planning Events Team Sponsorships Donor Relations Donor Database Service Director Membership Director Assessment Placement Direction Retention Arrange Service Direct
Service Volunteers Training Public Relations Director* Education Director* Media Relations Social Media Design Team Chapter Meetings Education
Events Host Country Data Board Diagram
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