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2014 Science Vocabulary Review

No description

Madison Williams

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Science Vocabulary Review

1) The average weather patterns for an area over a long period of time ________________
2014 Science Vocabulary Review
2) Specialized structures within a living cell _________________

3) Using a force to move an object over a distance ___________________

4) The smallest of the body's blood vessels ____________________

5) An object’s speed plus its direction ______________________________

6) The process by which plants produce food. ___________________

7) The property in an object that tends to keep it doing what it is already doing ________________

8) Low-level grayish clouds that often cover the entire sky _________________

9) A large-scale ecosystem
10) Rain that is contaminated with pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide gases. __________

11) Movement of air across large distances _________________

12) Narrow band of upper-atmosphere air that moves around the earth at high speeds _________________

13) The process by which seeds swell up and begin to sprout and develop roots. _________________

14) At risk of becoming extinct. _________________

15) A simple machine that has at least one slanted side and a sharp edge _________________
16) Materials that can carry electricity or heat _________________

17) A force that opposes motion_______

18) The ability to do work ______________

19) living in water _________________

20) A simple machine that uses grooved wheels and a rope to raise a load _________________

21) To change in order to increase one’s chance of surviving ______________

22) Organisms made up of just one single cell _____________________

23) A change in an object’s speed or direction ____________

24) Slanted surface, a ramp _________________

25)A diagram of connected food chains _________________
26) A consumer that only eats plants _________________

27) The role each organism plays in its environment _________________

28) Thunderstorm clouds. _________________

29) A report of the conditions in the atmosphere at a certain place and time _________________

30) living on land _________________
31) The basic unit of life in all organisms ________________
32) The process by which
organisms exchange
oxygen and carbon dioxide _____________________

33) Anything that spreads
harmful substances
into the air, water, or ground. __________________

34) Substances that nourish organisms ____________

35) The organelle that controls all of a cell’s activities _________________

13 germination
14 endangered
15 wedge
16 conductor
17 friction
18 energy
19 aquatic
20 pulley
22 unicellular
23 acceleration
24 inclined plane

1 climate
2 organelles
3 work
4 capillaries
5 velocity
6 photosynthesis
7 inertia
8 stratus
9 biome
10 acid rain
11 global winds
12 jet stream
25 food web
26 herbivore
27 niche
28 cumulonimbus
29 weather
30 terrestrial
31 cell
32 respiration
33 pollutant
34 nutrient
35 nucleus
Answer Key
Continue only if you are ready to check your answers. If you have any blanks, arrow backwards to find the slides you still need to finish.
How did you do?
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