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AC Generators


Bri Grimm

on 13 April 2012

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Transcript of AC Generators

Alternating Currents and AC generators AC Generators Alternating Currents Vocabulary By the end of this lesson you should be able to Describe the workings of an AC generator and what is needed to make it work!
Describe the purpose of an Alternating Current
Describe what happens when you change the direction of the wire passing through a magnetic field. An alternating current is a current that alternates directions back and forth within a circuit Well what's it good for? The periodic motion of the electrons in an AC makes it easier for voltage to increase or decrease. High voltages are more efficient for sending electricity long distances, so an AC is great for electrical use in our homes. An AC generator consists of a magnetic field
and a coil (armature) going through it. As the coil rotates between the electric field, it moves against the field in one direction and with it in the other, causing the electrons to constantly be switching direction, producing an alternating current. 1. What is the purpose of an Alternating Current? Q. Uno: The purpose of an alternating current is to ensure that there is a continuous line of electricity to a source without hindering its ability to do work. 2. Describe the design of an AC generator (the essentials of the design). Q. Dos: To have a working AC generator, you need a coil spinning within a magnetic field and work to make the coil spin. 3. What happens when you change the direction
of a wire passing through a magnetic field?

A. You can't change directions because of the
B. The direction of the magnetic field changes, as indicated in the meter.
C. The direction of the current changes, provided the wire is part of a circuit. C, When you change the direction
of a wire passing through a magnetic
field, the direction of the current
changes as well, creating an alternating
Check out this video diferentiating direct
currents from alternating currents. THE END
Brianna Grimm
Jordan Deemer
Janelle Lotz LIke this. Test answers (yah!) I=V/R
Higher voltage is more efficient causethe greater the voltage the less the resistence the less power that is wasted. Current! Magnetic force

Armature Work being done
to the armature This is the part of the show where you are required to think...... keep thinking!!!!!1!!!
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