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The Piano Lesson

No description

Robin Dinh

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of The Piano Lesson

African-American Culture: Slavery Family Music Religion Boy Willie wants to sell the ancient
piano in order to buy land to farm. The two main characters Boy Willie
and his sister Berniece have a problem: figuring out what do do with it. The book is based on an old piano. The Piano Lesson
By: August Wilson Presentation By: Robin Dinh American Dream, equal rights, etc.

hard labor, love, pain, etc. Piano Symbolizes: Boy Willie- Berniece- Your ancestors' decisions and your culture will affect your life. Summary: -Boy Willie and his friend Lymon drive up to Pittsburgh to claim his half of the family piano in a stolen truck filled with watermelons.
-Boy Willie's uncle Doaker allows them to stay at his house for a few days, and sell the fruit in town. They promise to leave once they sell each one.
-The real reason why Boy Willie and Lymon are there is because they want to take the piano and sell it in order to get money. Also, Lymon is in trouble with a sheriff down South.
- Boy Willie plans to spend it on land down South, where their ancestors lived.
-Berniece refuses to sell the piano because it means a lot to her and reminds her of her family. Although she does not want to play the insturment, she strongly encourages her 11-year-old daughter Maretha to.
-After constant fighting over the piano throughout the book, Berniece promises to put the piano to good use and give piano lessons on it. Berniece wants to keep the piano as a
piece of family history. How Slavery Affects the Characters Boy Willie Berniece peace
history land
watermelon The End!(:
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