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Fisker Automotive

No description

Abner Ruiz

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Fisker Automotive

Nerisha Brown
Matt Haines
Yamirka Suyi
Jhimsy Joseph
Chelsea Bear
Abner Ruiz Fisker Automotive Has Anyone Heard of Fisker Automotive? Background
The "Real" Fisker Automotive
Chapter 19
Conclusions Founded in 2007 by Henry Fisker and
business partner Bernhard Koehler Loan from Department of Energy
Recieved a $529 Million loan from government to provide a plug in hybrid sports cars and luxury sedan
Launch of Karma
With unmet milestones, the government froze their loan.
Soon later, Government "eased expectations" on loan
Criticism of DoE Loan
Obama Administration recieved a large amount of criticism for giving tax payers money to a failing company Headquarters is located in Anaheim, CA. Approximately 150 employees work here. Their idea was to attempt to revive the art of coach building automobiles to customer specifications with environment sustainability in mind.
However, they Failed to accomplish this Accountability
Organizational Control
Feedback Control
Total Quality Management
Bench Marking Dilemma's Background The "Real" Fisker Automotive Chapter 19 Outline Connection Between Chapter 19 and Fisker Conclusion Suggestions and Recommendations Cont. Connection between Chapter 19 and Fisker Suggestions and Recommendations Mission Statement: "Create environmentally
conscious vehicles with passion, style and performance" Organizational Control
"refers to the systematic process of regulating organizational activities to make them consistent with the expectations established in plans, targets, and standards of performance Total Quality Management
Organization-wide effort to infuse quality into every activity in a company through continuous improvement Picture of TQM Rely on techniques like Total quality management and bench marking, to recapture confidence and public approval.
Incorporate public's opinion
Find their own image
Build reliable and affordable cars for the growing public Use Organizational Control to steer company towards stability and reliability Use Feedback control to
improve models
performance standards
receive opinions on models Total Quality Management Managing quality in every decision and choice Recapture Confidence in U.S Consumers Develop into being a major plug-in hybrid manufacturer Benchmarking Start with Objective Are decisions being guided by their objective? Analyze Pick a competitor worth copying
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