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Chapter 17-Business and Labor in the Industrial Era, 1860-19

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shirlkeymu winston

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 17-Business and Labor in the Industrial Era, 1860-19

Chapter 17-Business and Labor in the Industrial Era, 1860-1900
The Causes of Industrial Growth
New Transportation Systems
The Rise of Big Business
New Generation of Business Leaders
Big Business Men
A Changed Social Order

Communication Networks
"Between 1865-1900, more than 15 million newcomers arrived in the United States"
These Leaders were referred to as:
"cold blooded capitalist, captains of the industry and robber barons"
From that influx came business leaders/ entrepreneurs "that led America's transition into an urban-industrial society"
pg. 751
Andrew Carnegie
J. P. Morgan
John D. Rockefeller
Cornelius Vanderbilt
19th Century Inventors
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Nikola Tesla
Child Labor
10 Companies that Still Use Child Labor in the United Sates
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