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The Erie Tribe

No description

Dabeer Ahmad

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of The Erie Tribe

The Erie Tribe
Contact With Settlers
Well, to put it plainly, they had none (or almost none anyways). The Erie never associated with the European settlers, and had no wars with them. Their own downfall was brought by some other Iroquoian tribes during an internal war between tribes.
Lifestyle and such
Without much French contact (which I will talk about later), not that much is known about the Erie lifestyle.

Women make cooking pots and mats. Men would hunt and defend for the village.

The Erie were agricultural and planted the "Three Sisters"

They were serious about funerals, and would make burial mounds.
Language and Location
The Erie tribe spoke an Iroquoian dialect that was similar to the Huron. It seems that they were closely related.

The Erie lived on the south side Lake Erie, what is now western New York.
The Erie lived close to the Huron, and they even tried to be like them. They would wear the same style of clothing and speak a dialect similar to theirs.
The name of my tribe is the Erie tribe (also called Erieehronon, Eriechronon, Riquéronon, Erielhonan, Eriez, Nation du Chat).

Erie is short for Erielhonan which means "long tail", referring to the panther or mountain lion.

As for Nation du Chat, the French named them that because of the blankets that the tribe made from cat pelt (since means "Nation of the Cat" in English).
The "Three Sisters"
Common Homes
The common household in the Erie tribe would be longhouses. They were very long, and could hold a lot of people.
Without much contact with any explorers, and an early death, it is not known how the Erie governed themselves. They would most likely have a tribe leader, that would rule over the tribe.
The End
Nation du Chat
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