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Information Session For Young Irish Rebels

A presentation given to people who would like to learn more about being an Irish Rebel around 1920

Brian Brinig

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Information Session For Young Irish Rebels

How to help fight for your country's freedom. Whoops! You got caught. What to do... You'll probably get tried for Treason Felony, which has no real description and we can do almost nothing for you. So, here is how to survive in Jail, with help from the expert, Tom Clarke. Less like this... More Guerrilla, efficient warfare If it was good enough for the Americans, Its good enough for us Drills After administering CPR, be sure to put hot bricks on the feet, armpits, and the pit of the stomach. Signaling Information Topographical Reconnaissance Who is Ireland's enemy? Not Germany, nor Austria, nor Russia, France, nor Spain That robbed and theived this land of ours. That forged her rusty chain. But England of the wity words- The crafty, treacherous Foe. Twas England scoured our Motherland. Twas England laid her Low The Golden Rules of going to Prison (need to find exact wording):
-Clinch your teeth Hard, and never say die.
-Have your thoughts off yourself, it can only lead to bad things
-Guard your self-respect (if you lose that, you lose the backbone of your manhood)
-No moaning or "brown studies"
-Keep your eyes wide open and don't bang your head against the wall. Silence for the period you will experience WILL break you. So, you have to find ways to minimize your solitary torture. Some suggestions: -Brian Na Banban First, the guards, they are going to smell. Not badly, per se, just not like prison. Learn to find the smells of tobacco, alcohol, or real food and know that a guard is coming. Make up a sign language, Morse Code, and "Prisonese". These different ways of communicating will go a long way in keeping you sane. Finally, there is writing, the most important tool you have. It is silent, and can lead to much deeper discussion with your "colleagues" that will occupy your thoughts for longer. Develop a "Mailbox" to leave and collect letters, and don't be afraid to eat your materials if you are about to get caught. First, find the materials, if you can get a writing utensil, great! If not you'll have to find some lead or other metal to fashion into a pencil. Paper will have to come from toilet, tissue, or newspaper, but anything will do (presuming you are careful while writing). -ALWAYS practice in secret.
-When you get into actual signalling, never guess a letter, it will only lead to confusion.
-It is of the greatest importance that both parties have their minds fixed on the business at hand. First Aid Good maps are the start of a good country. When making a map BE SURE to be clinical and precise. No one needs to get caught when it could be avioded easily through the elimination of carelessness Object- To re-establish the Independence of Ireland.
Means- The training of the youth in Ireland, mentally and physically, to achieve this object by teaching scouting and military exercises, Irish History, and the Irish language.
Declaration- I promise to work for the Independance of Ireland, never to join England's armed forces, and to obey my superior officers.
Uniform- Olive green shirt (double breasted, no pouches on outside, high collar, brass buttons, shoulder scraps), navy blue knickers, dark green felt hat.
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