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Savvy By: Ingrid Law

No description

KA Hanes

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Savvy By: Ingrid Law

Ingrid Law
Main Characters
Does: Mibs hops on to a big pink bus,
hides from all people, and hears voices inside her head.
The setting is in Nebraska and Kansas.

The theme of Savvy is even through rough times you have your friends to help you through.
My Favorite Part
My favorite part is when the police officers come to the trailer park and Will Junior watched the officers come and go. Later on one stood out to him.
I like this part because you get to find out Will Junior's secret, which is one I never expected.
Figurative Language
"What did you do to make Lester grow up so soft?"
Savvy By: Ingrid Law
Born in New York,May 1st,1970
Ingrid lives in Lafayette,Colorado with her family.
She has won the John Newbery Medal and was nominated for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature.
Fish (Her brother)
Will Junior(Friend)
Bobbi(Will's sister)
Mibs is the main character who is telling the story.
Hyperbole- "The man doesn't use the few brains God gave him."

Hyperbole- "It never did take more than a tap to knock my Lester down."
Point of View/Opinion
The point of view in the story is first person based on Mibs point of view.

My opinion about is Savvy is it's a very adventurous, self pursuing, and goal setting. I would rate this book a 4/5 because their were some parts that were a little no adventurous which is good but wasn't in this part.
The story is about a girl Mibs and her strange family. It's almost Mibs thirteen birthday and turning thirteen in her family means you get your extra special talent your "savvy". A few days before Mibs birthday her dad was hurt in a car wreck. Mibs journey is to find a way to her dad at the hospital and save him.
The problem is Mibs can't get to her dad to help him.She needs to find her own way to the hospital and the ride she took keeps traveling farther away from the hospital.
Says: "It's Mibs. I'm sorry... " I started out.
" You have to wash your hand Will Junior!" I shouted.
What others say: "It's Missy-pissy and her storm cloud." "What a freak she is,"
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