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Engineers A-Z

No description

trevor benton

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Engineers A-Z

A:Air and Space
Make planes and space
B:Biomedical Engineers
Make advances in
technology for health
C:Civil Engineers
Design and build
tunnels and
D:Developement Engineers
Make anti lock brakes for cars
E:Electrical Engineers
Design electrical wires
and electrical poles
F:Food Engineers
Make food processing
G:Genetic Engineers
Manipulate and study DNA
H:Highway Engineers
Design highways and
flow of traffic

I:Insulation Engineer
Insulate houses and buildings
J:Jet Engineer
Make jet engines
K:Kinetic Engineer
Deal with movements humans make
L:Lighting Engineer
Supervise lighting manufacturing
M:Medical Engineer
Make tools for doctors
N:Nuclear Engineer
Design nuclear power plants
O: Oil Engineer
Design oil mining machines
P: Paper Engineer
Make paper making machines
Q:Quality Engineer
Makes sure an item is of good quality
R: Railroad Engineer
Designs components for railroads
S: Structural Engineer
Makes sure building are structurally strong.
T: Technology Engineer
Design phones and how they transmit data and voice to one another
U: Utilities Engineer
Responsible for making sure your utilities are available
V:Veterinarian Engineer
Makes medicine suitable for animals
W: Water and Sewer Engineer
Oversees water quality and sewage treatment
X:X-ray Engineer
Designs X-ray machines to view bodies
Y: Yield Engineer
Test the stress point
of material
Z: Zoologist Engineer
Designs animal habitats
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