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Unit 4- Assingnment 2-

No description

doreen clark

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of Unit 4- Assingnment 2-

Lets make a definitive list of displays
Add all the different displays that childcare settings have to the list on the board.
Have you mentioned:
Parents information board
Planning board- Long, medium, short term planning and including weekly and daily plans.
Routine of the setting
Staff at the setting and their roles and responsibilities
Children's work
Information for children
Displays that reflect the children within the setting
Procedures for the setting
What about displays that are not on the wall?
Choose one example of a wall display and one example of an environment display
Answer these questions:
How do your chosen displays support children's learning and development?
Now link your two chosen displays to each of the seven areas of learning.
Unit 4- Assignment 2-
Understand how to prepare and maintain a stimulating environment
Doreen Clark
What displays are there in your setting?
Make a list and compare it with your peer group.
Has your setting got displays that theirs have not?
How many have you come up with?
Discuss each of these and state the importance of each
Group feedback
Think about your setting.
What other displays are in the environment?
Don't forget the indoor and outdoor environment.
Are the displays age appropriate?
Are the displays reflective of the children within your setting? ( culture, background, stage of development etc)
Are the displays well maintained? ( in good order, no tears, etc)
Do the displays reflect a language-rich environment?
Are the displays positioned for the children and/or parents to see easily?
How long are they displayed for?
Were the displays mounted/set up with Health and Safety in mind?
Were the children involved in creating mounting/setting up the displays?
Are the displays attractive and stimulating?
10 minutes
Complete the worksheet
15 min task
5 min
30 min task
Describe how and explain why
What/how are children learning from the displays?
15 min task
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