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The Arctic: Inuit people

No description

Kathy Bourne

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Arctic: Inuit people

By Jill B. The Arctic: Inuit People The Inuit hunted fish, caribou, seal, beluga whales, walrus and narwhal. They hunted for food and clothing. To cook the food, the Inuit froze or dried the meat to save it in case they had a bad hunting season. Another way was to cook the meat over an open fire and eat it fresh. However, most of the meat was eaten raw. What kind if animals did they hunt and how did they cook them? The Inuit used many different tools. Some tools they used are spears, knives, clubs, traps, and a bow and arrow. The tools were made of bones, ivory, antlers, teeth, horns and stones. When they fished, they used fishing poles made out of bone. The fishing line was made out of animal intestines. What tools did they use and what were they made of? The environment helped the Inuit because it gave them all their needs. It gave them the material to use for the tools and it gave them the animals. It also gave them the material for their clothes and homes. How did the environment help the Inuit? Normally our clothes are made of cotton and polyester but the Inuit had to use animal skins that they caught. They preferred the skin of the caribou because it was warm and light. They also liked to use seal skin because it was waterproof. What parts of an animal were used to make clothes? To make the clothes, they would use the animal's intestines for thread. When the Europeans came, they brought thread with them. They had to clean the animal skin and then tan it. After they would have to cut the skin into the shape and size. Finally the skin was sewn altogether. They would make coats, pants, shirts, sweaters, socks, under garments and moccasins. What did they use to make their clothes and what did they make? How did they get across the ice? When the ice is frozen, they couldn't get across the ice. they would have to go to different places by foot or dog sled. When the ice wasn't frozen they would use kayaks or umiaks. Kayaks were used for one person while umiaks are used for 10-15 people. How big was the family and did the kids take after their parents? An average Inuit family had 5-6 people. The men and boys built houses and hunted. The women and girls, cooked, cleaned, made clothes, cleaned animal skins and looked after the younger children. What are the differences when they travel in the summer vs when they travel in the winter? Summer Winter *Travel by umiaks
*Got all their supplies for the year
*Went across once a year *Couldn't travel
*Had to use dogsled or foot to go where they wanted.
*Didn't travel far When someone died, would they get buried? When someone died, they would get buried. When the person died, the next born baby from the family took on that name to honor the relative. What did the families do for fun? The families would tell stories about their ancestors when they sat around a fire. The Inuit also invented Cat's Cradle a game with string. Caribou, narwhal, seal, beluga whale What were their beliefs? They believed in Animism which means every living and non living thing had a spirit. When they hunted, they had to pay their respects to the animal for taking the animal's life. If they didn't, the spirit would return as a demon. What was the impact of European contact? When the Europeans came to Canada, they brought disease with them such as small pox. They also brought wool and thread. When they arrived, they tried to change the Inuit's culture. They made them wear their clothes and didn't respect their culture. What kind of houses did the Inuit live in? The Inuit lived in two different types of houses. A tent in the summer made of hide draped over poles and an igloo for the winter made from ice blocks.
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