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I survived The Shark Attacks of 1916

No description

Hannah Altman

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of I survived The Shark Attacks of 1916

Main Characters
Chet is a very young boy about my age who is kind and thoughtful but gets frustrated easily
I survived The Shark Attacks of 1916
Chet does not live in the water while the shark does
The shark is very aggressive Chet is very kind
Chet walks on two legs while the shark does not
The shark does not walk on two legs ,but Chet does
Chet does not want to attack people
The shark wants to attack people
They both want to end each other
Uncle Jerry is a very awesome person who is helpful in a sticky situation but does not belive in tall tales
The theme of this book is you never solve anything by running away.
Chet has just move to a small town in New Jersey and has moved in with his uncle Jerry and is starting to like it
He has made three new friends Dewy, Sid, an lastly, Monty and he likes them all and life is starting to feel good for Chet.
Rising Action
Finally het is excited because for the first time he is invited to go to the creek with his friends
They decide to play a trick on him dewy takes a black goes under water and pretends to snatch Monty up Chet thought it was real but Dewy jumps out as himself
Chet goes and sits under a big elm Tree him chet and sid decide to play ball and toss a ball back and forth Monty jumps in the water and dewy jumps in after him
The Genre is suspence as well a thriller
Authors purpose
The authors purpose is to entertain.
By: Lauren Tarshis
Authors point of view
Is in first person
Publication Date
The publication date is 2010
Authors Book Awards
The Author currently has no book awards
The setting is in Elm Hills a small town in New Jersey
Student Recomandation
I would recommend this book to people who like to be on the edge of their seat when they read a book and as well it is a unisex book so anyone can enjoy it.
Chet forgives the guys and decides to get even with them by playing a prank on them when they all hear a story about a make belive swamp monster.
He plays the prank on them and they got so mad that they haven't gone to the dinner in so long Chet feels sad but he finally works up the guts to go look for them
Falling action
Chet goes and looks for them at the creek but he doesn't see them he decides to take a swim
He gets in for a swim ,but somehing hits him in the chest and then he sees the fin could be be a gredy tile but this was no grey tile Chet takes of to shore only ton relize he is pouring blood
Chet races to uncle Jerry's dinner and they take him to the ER Chet loses his arm and the boys come to the hospital and forgive him
But Chet's not giving up him and the captain and decide to kill the shark they trap it in a net and kill it. Chet starts to think maybe this place is not so bad after all
Context Clues
Definition: means to show off to show greater importance
Context clue: he's so pretintinuos
Definition: regret or dread something
context clues #2
Definition: to not want to do
Context clue: he hastily walked to the door
figurative language
word 1 as jumpy as a hare
kind of figurative language:similie
word 2 the sky stared at me
figurative language #2
word 3:his head blew when he saw it
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