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Why Lyddie Should Not Sign The Petition

No description

billy bob

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Why Lyddie Should Not Sign The Petition

"Lyddie's Decision "
by Victoria Jackson
January 10,2014

The other good reason for Lyddie should not sign the petition is because she will have no where to stay after she signs. While Lyddie can sign the petition , if she does she will have to leave the boarding house and has no where to live.
"You'd be black listed no other corporation would hire you"(92).

This shows that Lyddie would not have money to stay at a tavern or boarding house for long and would not be able to get a job. Lyddie should not sign because she will be payed much less, she could be black listed, and she has no place to go.
In Katherine Paterson's novel Lyddie the main character goes to work in a textile mill in Lowell, Massachusetts after her family's farm goes into debt. Lyddie works with a girl named Diana who is trying to get Lyddie to sign a petition to get fewer work hours and better working conditions. Lyddie knows if she signs the petition that she could get fired and black listed. Meaning no other corporation will hire her. lyddie has to make a difficult decision of whether or not to sign the petition. Some would say it would be foolish to not sign because she has very harsh working conditions. Lyddie should not sign the petition because she could be black listed and has no where to go after she signs the petition.
Lyddie should not sign the petition because she will not have a place to stay or be able to get a job in a factory after she signs.
Even though there are many reasons for Lyddie to sign her decision not to sign is the best decision for her. Lyddie will have a lack of pay. She will also be out of a place to stay. Not signing the petition is surely the best decision for her.
One of the reasons Lyddie should not sign the petition is that she will have no money for the farm and no where to stay and could be black listed. In chapter 12 lyddie learns she must work to get the money she needs to pay off the debt on the farm. Lyddie must earn all the money owed to
"gather her family while she still had family left to gather"(88).
This shows that Lyddie can not afford to sign the petition or get black listed. With out work Lyddie would have the money she needs to pay off the debt on the farm. If she does not sign she will earn the money to pay off the farm
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