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Bobby McFerrin

All you ever need to know on Bobby McFerrin

Meliane H

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Bobby McFerrin

Prezi by Meliane Hwang Bobby McFerrin was born in Manhattan, New York city in 1950. His parents where both opera singers and their names where Robert McFerrin and Sara Copper. Robert was the first African American to be a regular visitor with New York’s Metropolitan Opera. Sara was a soloist with opera companies all over the place and in Broadway shows. She is a professor at Fullerton College in California. Bobby’s real name is Robert McFerrin Jr. Birth and first years (Bobby McFerrin's signature) Bobby McFerrin has a four octave range and lots of vocal techniques. His family moved to Hollywood in 1958. Bobby first loved the Clarinet but then switched to piano. When he was a teen, he wanted to be a Priest, but later he knew that music was in his blood. He went to college at UCSC. Two years after he decided to become a singer, he released his first album called Bobby McFerrin. It was in Germany that The Voice was recorded. He aso did a commercial for Levi’s and Ocean Spray.The album Hush was recorded with Yo-Yo Ma. He was alive when all three rovers going to Mars were launched and my mom is a part of the company that launches the rockets so it is important to me. More about his life Bobby McFerrin likes to play jazz. Jazz is a type of music played by Black Americans and can be identified by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular, forceful rhythm,
Instruments are trumpets, saxophones, pianos, trombones, clarinets, and double bass' are the instruments used in jazz.He also plays Spiritual, blues, classical, and R&B. Added Family Twenty five years after his birth, Bobby married Debbie Greene in 1975, they have three children. Two boys and one girl named Taylor John, Jevon Chase, and Madison Grace. In 1984, The Voice was the first vocal jazz album recorded without accompaniment.

Pop quiz, what song did I show you from the Voice? The Voice
The dates and awards of the Grammys he won are 1985 Best male Jazz performance, and Another Night In Tunisia with Jon Hendricks in the album Vocalese. Again in 1985, he won Best Vocal Arrangement for two or more voices Another Night In Tunisia with Cheryl Bentyne. In 1986, he won another award for Best Male Jazz performance in round midnight in the album Round Midnight. !987 was a year that he won two awards, Best Male Jazz performance in What Is This Thing Called Love in the album The Other Side of Round Midnight, and the Best Recording For Children The Elephant’s Child. In 1988, he won four awards in the categories of Song of the year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Record of the year, in the album Simple Pleasures and also Best Male Jazz performance. And his last award in 1992 making the tenth award won, Best Male Jazz performance in Round Midnight.

Enjoy this fun fact: He was once part of a band called the Ice Follies. Albums Albums
Bobby McFerrin, 1982.
The Voice, 1984.
Spontaneous Inventions, 1986.
Simple Pleasures, 1988.
Medicine Music, 1990.
Play, 1991.
(With Yo-Yo Ma) Hush, 1992.
Paper Music, 1995.
(With Chick Corea) The Mozart Sessions, 1996.
Bang!Zoom, 1996.
Circlesongs, 1997.
Beyond Words, 2002. Random Facts The producer of Don’t Worry Be Happy was Linda Goldstein and it was in 1988.

Along with singing and preforming, 1994 McFerrin was given the job of creative chair of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. He dose regular tours for symphony orchestras all over the US and Canada.

He participates in music education programs and volunteers as a guest music teacher at public schools throughout the US. His son Taylor sings, raps, and plays the keyboard.
Bobby makes the sounds of percussive sounds with his mouth and tapping on his chest.
He did the music for a Cadbury chocolate commercial. Ocean Spray commercial A song from the Bobby McFerrin album spontaneous inventions
08 Walkin' Just a little more This song is called
Dance with me Blackbird
From the
Voice Bang Zoom!
From the album
Bang Zoom simple pleasures Don't worry be happy was played at President George H. Bush's presidential election. Although without Bobby's permission, so he did not get Bobby's vote. play Autum leaves Now for the audience engagement I want you to think about Bobby McFerrin and how he uses his voice. Then, get into groups, see who can make the most interesting noises, and then share after the five minutes given. The group that has the most interesting noises, gets to take a slice of chocolate cake first! Good Luck. This is just an example. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_McFerren
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