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Save the seals from seal clubbing!

Like every other animal, seals too need your support to live longer. Help them stop being clubbed to death!

areeba Sadiq

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Save the seals from seal clubbing!

Save the seals from
Seal Clubbing Still a laugh?
Many people now think seal clubbing as a pure joke. This is a comletely immature and horrific images of people's veiws on seal clubbing...and it's not funny! Here's an imformative presentation on seals, to help support please go to www.ifaw.org Seals are not killed humanely, this is false, despite the Canadian government saying, there was a campaign launched to help seals, this too is false. A lie. Baby seals feel extreme pain when killed, especially their brain as it's not being fully developed, 42% of baby seals first get skinned alive and then their bones get crushed, till what's remained are pieces of puzzle wanting to be put back together. What's more the government supports seal campaining 100%, saying seals are corupting their land, there's more seals than humans! What rubbish!? Ever thougt of your very child being clubbed? your precious baby suffering like millions of seals that are today?
Help before it's too late!
Boycott candian products, expensive designers amd support seal campaigns! www.stopthesealhunt.org
end this barnavric torture NOW Seal clubbing, a gruesome and inhumane torture, done each and every year in Canada, during spring. Where sealers, with spiked clubs and rifles get ready to attack. This is a senseless, unethical, immoral, wasteful and very cruel hunt. Barely 3 weeks old, they are snatched and ripped apart from their family, and shot/clubbed viciously on the head to death, with others still alive screaming in pain and agony as their fur, meat and oil, their skin ripped and shredded sold to the world- it's a war scene on what was once their home- the pristine, beautiful snow now tainted with a coat of red, dried blood. Their helpless cries, their pain don't transmit to us, but only when you see them wiggling along with bullets and bumps only then can you feel the pain as the trails of crimson blood drip behind them. Their mouths open in a silent scream- crying for help. You can smell the blood and feel their terror. The year 2012, hasn't even finished and yet there are already 69, 175 baby seals slaughtered below the age of 2 months. 1, 569 seal pups killed are below the age of 3 weeks.
What's left is the dry remains of bones, the bodies of seals are left to rot in pain and agony YOU can't imagine. As harsh as nature is for animals, the curelty only comes from human hands. We are the creators of principle, aware of the right and wrong and fully capable of fixing them. It's our resonsibility to take action and the sad thing is no-one does. Please help the seals, help end the slaughter once and for all! People have no consideration what so ever. Sealers make a living upon killing seals and it's an annual ritual for them, they enjoy it and state that's a good living for them.
How can earning a living be so good when you take the life of animals?
Sealers make $3,600 depending on how many seals they catch.
Canada sell, seals oil, pelts and meat to eleven different countries worldwide with China and Greenland purchasing the largest quantities.
Prada and other top notch brands sell these luxurious products such as fur coats, Think about it, do we really need them? Here's a video i persoanlly made on seals!
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