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Digital citizenship - for parents

No description

Tessa Gray

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Digital citizenship - for parents

Digital citizenship
Google yourself
But, what would have happened if Justin had a tainted and dubious presence online? Who would even know about Justin Beiber now if he had posted images of himself in compromising positions or left a trail of undesirable messages?
These terms refer to "what people do online when no one else is looking” and is much broader than cyber safety.
Mentoring your child includes access, internet censorship, web filtering, web trackers, web browsers. It starts with you.
Digital parent
Confident, Connected, Collaborative learners

and try this for a good Facebook fright...
in the playground
Protect, respect yourself
Protect and respect others
Protect and respect property
2008 research shows:
Subtle, put down, dig or sarcasm, diminishing social status, relationships, intentional aggressive act
Intentional act of harm, physical, visible, trackable, frequent, obvious

Direct harassment on Mobile
Rumors spread on Internet
Threats of physical harm mobile 32% online 20%
Threatening property and people they care for
Abusive images, videos in order to harass
Videoing harassing of behaviours, very low incidents,

Girls frenimies
School community gangs, ex boyfriend, girlfriend, Anonymous 27% 38%

Kik Messenger

Web browsers - kid safe browsers
Kid safe web browsers let your kids surf through approved websites safely. They can block objectionable material with parental control access and pop-up blockers.

For more on parental controls, web filtering, i-device restrictions and kid-friendly browsers, go to

Vodafone's parental support website:


Facebook and Cellphone tips for parents:


Social networking and social media
Messaging & following
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