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434 Presentation

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Jeff Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of 434 Presentation

With Opening a German Automotive Plant in the United States Quality and efficiency differences between having a unionized workforce and a non-unionized workforce
Quality control and production efficiency practices
Importance of the Spartanburg plant to BMW’s five-plant production network A deep-water port
Major airport
Modern rail and road systems
South Carolina's 16 technical colleges
Factory Setup and Quality Control Practices Unlike many other automobile factories, all of the manufacturing processes in the South Carolina facility are under one roof, creating an open communications environment that enhances the focus on quality.

Non-Union Represented Plants South Carolina is a so-called 'right-to- work' state with one of the lowest rates of unionization in the US
Spartanburg, South Carolina BMW Issues Why Spartanburg,
South Carolina? In Germany BMW's labor costs including benefits are
$23.15 an hour In South Carolina
BMW works with unions everywhere else in the world that it operates Or Maybe? Big Savings So If... Except for the three Japanese 'transplants'
Why did BMW do this? And 95% of American car assembly plants are unionized Honda Nissan Toyota "A lot of auto makers invest in technology, not in people. We're going back to the base line and investing in people"
BMW wants to enlarge on the concept of work teams, in which members can perform one another's jobs. Teams operate quickly and independently, with little moment-to-moment supervision Quality control is achieved through a system of quality audits at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Computer-Aided Inspection (CAI) Allen O. Kinzer Quality Control Measures BMW Perspective Aaron Berger
Jeff Smith
Josh Carter
Keith Jackson
Work Teams
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