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modeling tattoos!?

No description

gabriel kull

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of modeling tattoos!?

Background photo by t.shigesa Jessica took the time to get ready for the photo shoot, put on the fake tattoos and getting all pretty for what she saw as the possible start to her modeling career. Imagine her shock when not only are there other models, but also the finding that she probably will not even be chosen. There really is nothing Jessica can do about this problem now. However, in the future Jessica can avoid this problem by asking if there are going to be other models at the shoot and what the chances are of her actually being in the advertisements. Jessica needs to realize that is how the modeling business works, looking for the one considered to be a "perfect" match for the advertisement based on what the critics or other people say. circumstantial physical Hearing the tattoo owner say he is looking for the "perfect" woman for his ad sparked an inner turmoil in Jessica. Jessica wonders how she doesn't qualify to be in this ad. Is she not skinny enough, or too skinny? Maybe she's too tall, or too short? Jessica feels self conscious about her hair, clothes and make-up, thinking maybe the tattoo owner was right, that she is not good enough.

To solve this crisis of insecurity, Jessica should remind herself of her best qualities, and not dwell on what she sees as her biggest flaws. She should also talk to a family member, like her mother, and/or her closest friend. They could help Jessica view herself without her own prejudice obscuring the truth. emotional My friend jessicas dilema..... Jessica, a good friend from high school, has been asked to model for a tattoo business here in El Paso. She must wear a two piece bikini, while showing off fake tattoo's on her arms and legs. Jessica is eighteen years old and a senior. When Jessica arrives at the photo shoot, she finds three other women there competing for the chance to be on the advertisements for the tattoo business on TV commercials, flyers, posters, and in the phone book. The other models are in their twenties and have experience in modeling. Jessica is confused, because she thought she would be the only model. When Jessica finishes the photo shoot, she asks the owner why he uses several different models. The owner replies he is looking for the "best female body to catch people's eye and bring to his business." Jessica also discovers that, although she is getting money for the photo shoot, her pictures might not be used in the business' advertisements, which means she will most likely not model for that particular business again Jessica's third issue is finding three other models at the same photo shoot, and all there competing for the same job. Since she thought she was going to be only model, finding three other women there must have been a blow to her confidence. Jessica should have asked at the beginning if she was going to be the only model. The manager of the tattoo business also should have told her up-front about the other models, which may have have affected her decision. The big picture! Jessica's moment of insecurity is not alone in this context. The modeling industry preys on peoples feelings, showing their own twisted version of perfection. We, the public, look at magazines or at TV and movie stars and we feel insufficient. We feel like if we can't look like those people, then we are not beautiful or handsome. We hold ourselves to a standard that can only be reached with surgeries costing thousands or even millions of dollars. This prejudice carries over into relationships, hiring for jobs, and casting for theatrical productions. This prejudice is one of societies big issues, one that does not have an easy fix or answer. To change it, we, that means all people, will have to change the way we gauge "perfect" people. The main thing we have to remember is that perfect does not exist in the way we think it does. What you see as your imperfections are actually what makes you perfect. A solution for this problem would be for Jessica to maintain a professional attitude. This will show that although this is her first photo shoot, she still has a professional attitude toward her competition. She will have to deal with unwanted composition in the future, so learning how to stay professional is a good skill for her to learn now. In the future, Jessica can avoid this problem by asking questions and finding out exactly whats going to be at the shoot.
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