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Assignment: 02.08 Medieval Europe and Japan - Comparative Hi

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Ris LaHue

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of Assignment: 02.08 Medieval Europe and Japan - Comparative Hi

Part II
Code of Chivalry
What are the main elements of Japanese Bushido?
The main elements of Japanese Bushido are:
Be courageous in battle
Be loyal to shogun or daimyo
Have a good education
Be kind
To support the arts
What are the main elements of European chivalry?
The main elements of European chivalry are:
Have courage in battle
Be loyal to their lord
To defend the church
To champion a lady
Which of the elements of Bushido and chivalry would work well for a code of chivalry
in today’s world? Explain.
Getting a good education is what matters, without a proper education having a good life isn't as easy and the world wouldn't be as advanced as it is. Without education society would plummet and get worse. Kindness applies to those who practice it. To help the needy is a practice that should be practiced more.
Code of Chivalry
III. Courage in Battle - Always face your fears. One cannot grow if one doesn't conquer what scares them most.

IV. Loyalty to Lord - Be loyal to parents, teachers, friends, lovers and family. Do not betray ones who matter most.
Code of Chivalry
I. Kindness - Kindness should be practiced in every environment. Not just when one feels like it. Treat those around you, the way you wish to be treated. Be the better person if one picks a fight.

II. A good education - One should take advantage of receiving a good education from the elementary years all the way through high school. Do the best to ones ability. Without a good education one will not be successful.
Assignment: 02.08 Medieval Europe and Japan - Comparative History - Eastern and Western
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