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Copy of 212 Degree Leadership

No description

Cynthia Preciado

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 212 Degree Leadership

212 Degree Leadership
#2- Companies don't succeed... people do!
>Step 1: Get the right people on the bus

>Step 2: Get the people in the right seats.

>Step 3: Figure out where to drive the bus.
"I am convinced that nothing
we do is more important than
hiring the right people. At the
end of the day............

Why 212?
#5: Communicate, Communicate,
1: What's Happening.........
Share as much as you can about the company's goals and current projects, especially any good news, BUT also be proactive if things aren't going as planned.
#3- Simplify your vision for success
> If your team doesn't know where they are going, how will they know that they've arrived?

> Sharing your vision, in a way that energizes your team, is one of the most important steps you'll take as a 212 degree leader.

> Cultivating a passionate and inspiring work environment requires clear and compelling vision that is shared by the team. It is simply not enough for one person to see the "desired state" and every one else guess at it.
#1 - Think SERVE not lead
#4- Remember Old Warwick
> Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
- Andrew Carnegie

>Upward trend of the value of teamwork.
- 1980's : Management
- 1990's : Individual Leadership
- 2000's : Team Leadership

> Leaders must know the pulse of the team and ensure positive attitudes prevail from top to bottom.
>Let go of your ego.

>Become a good follower first.

>Build Positive relationships.

>Work with excellence.

>Rely on discipline, not emotion.

>Make adding value your goal.

>Give your power away.
-Larry Bossidy
"The 10 rules for highly effective leadership"
2: What's Coming Up........
This is a bit like coming attractions.
You're team is always interested in
what's new.
3: How They're Doing........
Look for opportunities, private and public, to say good things, or talk about how they could do better. Most people want to know how they're doing, but are afraid to ask. It is important to connect with team members personally.
#6: Set the Stage for Innovation
Before you can innovate you you have to embrace change.

Innovation starts with creative people who are allowed to take risk and be rewarded for their efforts.

" Change is inevitable, but growth is optional."
#7: Commit to Excellence
One of the most vital bonds holding high
performance teams together is a common commitment to excellence.

Sustaining peak performance requires
humility, dignity, and grace.

High performance teams view honest
mistakes as part of the learning process.
#8: Take Full Responsibility
> One of the most important things you can do is get your people to understand how their taking personal responsibility, their recognizing problems as opportunities, will not only help the company, but will help them as individuals.
#9: Measure Results
> Determine where you are.

> Set realistic targets for

> You must track, monitor, and
review results.
#10: Example is Most Important !
When you lead by example you engage people to follow your vision.

- Whatever surprises leaders themselves may face, they don't create any for the group.
Leaders stay they course.


- Leaders walk their talk. In true leaders, there is no gap between the theories they
espouse and they like they practice.


- Leaders are there when it counts; they are ready to support their co-workers in the
moments that matter.


- Leaders honor their commitments and promises.
You don't have to be a good leader to get people to to follow you on an unchanging course. You can be an average leader and some will still follow you through minor bends in the road, BUT to get people to follow you through unpredictable twist and turns you must not only sell your vision, you must show you care. You must make the leap from 211 degrees to 212!
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