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Grammer Lesson

Yardelis Diaz

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Participle

By: Ms. Diaz
Ms. Patel
Ms. Keblish
Mr. Cabrera PARTICIPLE a phrase that contains the particle and the noun it describes or modifies a word that describes a noun What is a verb? a word that indicates an action chopped Examples flying carrots logs bird saucer a verb that acts as an adjective What is an adjective? running cutting prepared (person, place, or thing) happy old blue =Participle phrase rising sun
shooting star Present Past & stolen money
cooked ham
1. Look at the verbs and find the participle.
2. Find the noun that it modifies
3. Connect the participle with the modified noun.
4. You found the participial phrase! Finding the Participial Phrase How to Find the Participle Common endings for participles are
-ing, -ed, -en, -d, and -t.

Lent Let's Practice!! Locate the participial phrase in these sentences: 1.) The fox glided swiftly through the deserted baron land.
2.) Cynthia braided the doll's combed hair.
3.) Puppies running up to their owners hope for treats.
4.) The water hose slowly spouted out water, clogged by dirt.
5.) The teacher gave the giggling boy a time-out. Your turn! Sorry Guys. Participial Phrase Examples: -ing -en, -ed Steps: Participle stabbing jumping It will always be a verb! The newly opened King Kullen was offering free give-aways Aim: What is a participle and how do we identify participial phrases? Do now: Preposition Quiz Homework: Complete Handout Study for tomorrow's pop quiz particple noun particple particple particple noun noun noun Start working on the handout Just Kidding! Things you should know: Participle: a verb that acts as an adjective Participial Phrase: a phrase that contains the particle and the noun it describes or modifies Examples: The crying baby had a wet diaper. He walked away from the wrecked car. The fractured bone caused the boy great pain. The chopped carrots were delicious! I sat on the chair watching the flying birds go by.
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