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Cloning Biology Prezi

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Randy Harcus

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Cloning Biology Prezi

Process of Reproductive Cloning This form of cloning is used to create an organism that has identical nuclear DNA to another organism that is living or has previously lived on earth. The process is often called SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer). This process is basically the extraction of DNA from an adult donor cell into a enucleated egg cell. The cell is the placed into a female uterus (same species) when the cell is in a suitable stage. Under the right conditions, this mix of cells will induce cell division ultimately creating an identical clone to the adult DNA donor. Electricity or chemicals are used to start the cell division process. Ethical Dilemmas The Catholic church is a very influential force in the world as we know it today. Unfortunately for science, they are 100% against the idea of cloning. They believe life should be created by man and woman uniting, not by science. The united nations have also went against the idea, banning it. Although they did allow cloned animals to be sold in 2006- present, weird? Lastly, it would be unfair to the "Clones". They will have feelings and emotions as we do. How would you feel if you were considered unnatural or a freak your whole life? Overall cloning is very risky and it is a controversial subject in the world. Discovery of Cloning Many believe that cloning is a new invention. This is very false, cloning has been around since the late 1800's and was invented by Hans Dreisch. Hans Dreisch had the intention of proving that genetic material was not deleted during cell division. He took a sea urchin embryo and placed it in salt water, he then shook the embryo/salt water mix until the embryo separated into two embryo's. Both of these cells developed and formed two sea urchin organisms. This is the first case of cloning animals. Since then, cloning has advanced and now include enucleation of egg cells and extraction of DNA. What is Cloning Anyways ? I'm sure all of you know what cloning is. Put simply, cloning is replicating something or someone. It may seem like just a make believe term used in video games or movies. This is far from the truth. Cloning is the creation of an organism asexually, meaning identical to the parent. Asexual reproduction doesn't sound too unbelievable because it does happen already in all prokaryotic and some eukaryotic species, but could you imagine cloning your dog? Could you imagine an exact copy of yourself? This is what cloning is, it is the production of a genetically identical organism of one which exists still or has existed on Earth. Another more controversial form of cloning is Therapeutic cloning... ..the production of human embryos simply to harvest stem cells. This cloning is done the same way as reproductive cloning, but the process is stopped early. The cells, more specifically specialized stem cells are then extracted, and are then used to make human organs. DOLLY THE SHEEP Born: July 5th 1996 Died: February 14th 2003 Species: Ovis aries Dolly was the first mammal to be cloned from a somatic cell using nuclear transfer. Dolly's legacy will be remembered forever, and she has started a new trend of cloning large animals such as horses. Dolly was proof that cloning of mammals by nuclear transfer is possible. The death of Dolly was said to have not been related to the fact that she was cloned. It was simply lung cancer. Rest in peace Dolly. SNUPPY THE DOG Snuppy was born on April 24th 2005 in South Korea. In 2005 scientists took an ear cell from an Afghan hound and placed the DNA into 123 different female dogs. Only 3 of these mothers produces pups, and only one of these pups survived. Which one? You guessed it, Snuppy.. the first successfully cloned dog. Snuppy is still alive to this day, and has even impregnated other dogs proving his fertility. CLONING EXPERIMENTS Research and Problems Science versus religion is a huge issue when it comes to cloning. Yes we as an intelligent species could clone humans, but are we God? Do we have the right to create life in ways that are unnatural? That's your opinion but as of right now cloning is considered unethical, therefore causing the acceleration of cloning research to slow down. Scientists are currently researching on bringing back extinct species. The only thing holding this idea back is the fact that most DNA is extremely old and has withstood natures force, causing it to be imperfect. The closest we are to bringing back an extinct species is cloning DNA of ... THE WOOLY MAMMOTH Pros Cons Solution for infertility Organ Replacement Genetic alterations to benefit society may negatively affect genetic diversity using cloning for fun/malicious activities. may become easily obtainable among homes in time New laws ? Unemployment/Overpopulation ETHICS AND TECHNOLOGY: CLONING Thanks for watching, Made by Randy Harcus
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