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My Ideal School

Sociology 12.2 Project

Hannah Smith

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of My Ideal School

Comfortable Environment
Eco Friendly
Global Warming is a serious issue in the world today and it is important that schools take the initiative to promote awareness and take Eco Friendly initiatives.
It is crucial that the youth of today invest in ways to look after the planet, as research shows that to avert potential disaster in relation to global warming, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by approximately 80%.
So what's the solution?
Find the balance!
There are many ways to cope with an issue such as this.
Some include:

a application for all students to fill out at the beginning of the year, which will remain confidential, asking about the topics in which can affect testing (family life, mental health, eating habits, etc.) which then can be used to create tests that are still fair for everyone, show understanding, but cater to the needs of students.
Promoting conversation among students so that they are able to express their opinions on testing, and help each other out.
specific time restraints, as they put pressure on students and affect their abilities to do well.

"provincial" testing, or at least give teachers an option to critique and shape it towards their students, then get it approved.
Giving more options

on tests, for example, providing six different questions and asking students to only answer three, giving them an opportunity to thrive in different ways that still show understanding of any specific course.
Generalized Testing..yeah, not so much
Through my years in high school, it hasn't been hard to notice that not all of us are the same. Our abilities to be tested depend on many situations, everything from how our life is at home to what we ate for breakfast, from how confident we are in ourselves to the amount of sleep we got the night before. I see generalized testing as being an unfair way to test the abilities of students as all of our situations are different, and we are not all capable of being tested accurately in terms of our intelligence.
A general introduction
My ideal school would include the following:

Comfortable learning areas for students and staff and
better facilities
Eco friendly initiatives
Not as much focus on generalized testing
A balance of different courses
More focus on health, world awareness and ethical issues

My Ideal school

We all know it's true, we work better when we are comfortable. School is a place for growth and learning, so comfort for students and staff should be a priority. Comfortable, enjoyable and appealing environments promote learning, interest and help students be more engaged in what they are learning.
For example:
Beanbag chairs/soft chairs
in classrooms
to bring in more natural light
More color
to promote creativity
More art
to promote the arts and creativity
More plants

to promote the importance of the environment
More quiet comfortable study areas

for students during lunch/recess/grade 12 preps
A balance of different courses
Some ways to promote this could include:
, using less energy and more natural light.
Solar panels
to produce renewable energy for the electronic devises and tools throughout the school.
outdoor greenhouse
to promote growing our own foods, how to nurture nature, and to provide healthy, home grown options for our cafeteria.
A large focus, with penalties for not
recyclable products/presentations on the importance for our planet and how we can make a difference.
Bike racks
and initiatives for students to car pool, take buses, bike, and walk to school (location is key).
I am a math person, that course interests me, but I know that is not the case for many. I believe having to take certain classes to get credits is a must, as it helps us explore opportunities and get a taste of many topics. However, with that, I believe there should be a balance of course opportunities, that for example, art credits and math credits should go hand in hand. Everyone is passionate about different things, therefore everyone's career interests should be equalized. Arts, above anything else, promote creativity and imagination, something that should be a priority in schools. As much as I love math, I love the arts as well.
Ways this can happen:
An equal number of science/math credits as art credits being

for students, to give equal opportunities and balance out days.
More options for art classes
, for example, more dance, painting, music, film, etc. options offered.
More language options for students
to expand their cultural knowledge and to expand opportunities.
Hannah Smith
Sociology 12.2
More focus on health, world awareness and ethical issues
What goes along with the school environment?
Better facilities!
School is a place for education and for learning, and many students learn in many different ways. More facilities in the school would create a better pathway for students to learn in various ways, for various courses. They would have more space and resources, giving them better environments for growth and learning.
Ways this could be done could include:
A dance studio
, equipped with mirrors, a bar, mats, and non-cement floors which is better for the bodies of students.
A pool
equipped with equipment for sports such as water polo,diving,swimming, etc. The pool could have a floor that covers it when it's not being used so the facility can be used for other activities.
A sun room lounge
, created with all glass walls and comfortable chairs for students to study, work, or relax as well as for staff use.
A recording studio
for students looking to experiement with recording music and students interested in technology.
A garage
so that students interested in mechanics could have hands on work and gain experience.
A technology lab
with up-to-date (computers, iPads, etc.) technology to be used by students and staff.
A theater
for performing arts use that along with
the pool
, could be space eligible to be rented out to the public for various events.
My ideal school is a place of:
Environmental friendliness
Multiple usages
Maths, sciences and arts
Fun! :)
When I talk about the celebration of important events, days and months, I mean all of them. Schools should take initiatives to inform, teach, and get students talking about things such as
race, religion, culture, gender, sex, sexuality, health, ethics, poverty, homelessness,freedom, diversity and human rights,
but most importantly, schools should be doing more to promote
equality, compassion and acceptance
. We are part of a large and quickly developing world, with more and more people are facing challenges.
Racism, inequality, poverty, war, sexism, bullying, terrorism, scarce resources and intolerance
are just a few examples of ongoing issues today that need to be discussed and fixed. It is important to teach students to
be helpful instead of hurtful
, to be
selfless instead of selfish
, and to
celebrate everyone regardless of differences while helping those in need. Mental health
issues are being incredibly apparent in our world's population, something very close to my heart. We need to learn about these things, as keeping silent won't make a difference. We need to teach that
it's okay to get help for any issue
, and how to go about it. We need to teach that it's important to
stand up for others

to be
. We need to show the importance of
helping others in need, even if they're halfway across the globe.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on any topic, but it is important that we teach about these issues in today's world, and show how
positivity and kindness can make a huge difference
We need to be open to peace and tolerance, as each one of us are unique.

Schools are in the business of educating youth in order to prepare them to be successful and make a positive impacts/differences in the world. Health and the well-being of others are becoming hot topics in the world today, which is why the school should be taking part in making special health days celebrated in schools. Not only that, but special months and days that celebrate different cultures, to promote awareness and help students learn about many issues to do with intolerance in the world today. It is important to open students up to the world around them, locally and globally, in any positive way possible. We need students to learn how to be healthy, happy and capable of doing good beyond themselves.
This could be done by:
Having a large calendar
expressing the health/cultural celebratory days/months.
Teachers creating projects/assignments/discussions
relating to the importance and reason for positive change.
School assemblies
promoting the importance of being involved and aware about the value of these important days.
Guest speakers
to speak of the importance of world issues.
School-wide fundraisers
to help local/world causes.
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