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COMConèixer - KBIP

- IE COSTA I LLOBERA - Presentació dels projectes COMconèixer i Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP) Data: 25 de juny Lloc: Societat Catalana de Pedagogia, Societat filial de l’Institut d’Estudis CatalansHorari: 18h a 19,30h.

Rafa Benlliure

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of COMConèixer - KBIP

videoconference March 2014

We want Barcelona to be a smart city,
what can we do?

Learning Communities:

IE Costa i LLobera (BCN)
Confucian Tai Shing School (HK)

ICT Tools:
Moodle -
Knowledge Forum
Via eCollaboration
Project Overview: Smart Cities
Log in
KF: Contributions
Via Log in
Videoconference software which integrates
audio and video, slides presentation, chat and interactive board
Via eCollaboration
It shows patterns of interaction amongst the participants
KF: Assessment Applets
Comconeixer Project
1r ESO
IE Costa i Llobera - May 2014

Vocabulary Growth
It shows how the participants' vocabulary
changes over time.
Smart Cities
KF: Assessment Applets
Writing Applet
KF: Assessment Applets
It examines participants' writing at both the
group and individual levels and presents a
graphical representation of writing activity and
word diversity.
That's all folks!
Read interactions
Read and Build-on interactions
Spring view
Vocabulary Growth: Sep '13-April '14
: Jan Barcelona, Martina Barres,
Xavi Barreras Duna Civit, Pol Guasch,
Gara Ibañez, Joel Llebot, Albert Masana,
Ale Martin, Jan Mediavilla, Carlota Pasto,
Alba Pou, Ignasi Sanchez, Aina Sanz,
Nora Torrent, Luis Vivian
: Rafa Benlliure, Merce Bernaus

Comconeixer 2014
IE Costa i Llobera
Via: different views and possibilities
Video summary conference March 28th
KF: Assessment Applets
Applets List
Project Overview: MIND MAP
Smart Shops
Road and Pedestrians Safety
Smart City
Smart Planes
Smart Clothes
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