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Baxter Internship

No description

humia ahmad

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Baxter Internship

Humia Ahmad Mission Competitors Medical Products MP Quality/Change Management Team We are a diversified healthcare company applying innovative science to develop specialty therapeutics and medical products that save a sustain lives

Robert L. Parkinson, Jr., Chairman
Chief Executive Officer My Role Identify locations and management contacts of document processing sites
Establish key contacts and trainers at local sites for ERA implementation
Compile contact information from multiple sources and develop a resource to store this information
Develop and Implementation Plan communication to appropriate management contacts of local document processing sites Baxter History 1931: Company was founded as the Don Baxter Intravenous Products Corporation By Dr. Ralph Falk and Dr. Don Baxter. They were the first to manufacture prepared Intravenous (IV) solutions
1935: Company became Baxter Laboratories
1937: Expanded in the North American region by developing a manufacturing plant in Canada
1954: International plant in Belgium BioPharma Solutions
Working with pharmaceutical companies with their parenteral delivery systems
Fluid Systems
Deals with Baxter’s infusion pumps & associated disposables, as wells as premixed drugs & drug products
Baxter manufactures and distributes products for peritoneal dialysis with a focus on hemodialysis
Specialty Pharmaceuticals
Works with devices that support anesthesia, cardiovascular, nutrition and pharmacy drug delivery Documentation
Management activities for documents used to support Products, Process, and Procedures
Management, storage, and retrieval of product quality records

These activities are governed by Baxter and world wide regulatory requirements Why Baxter needs ERA? Faster processing of signature approvals
Reduce use of paper and paper storage
Tracking capability
Decrease turn-around time from 7-10 days to less than 5 days ERA Global Deployment Project Goal Gather information of all employees who will be using ERA and determine their document processing site
By 2014, all Global Medical Products sites trained in ERA
Planned deployment: 17 sites Objectives of Department The global deployment of Electronic Routing and Approval (ERA) Deliverables Developed spreadsheet that listed site names, management, location, and contacts for ERA deployment and training
Developed job aid for ERA trainees to use as part of the clean-up after training
Prepared a draft email communication as part of the implementation plan of ERA. Email explains what ERA is, the benefits, and how it aids productivity
Communication is currently under review by management Lessons Learned/HSM classes Project Management
Ensure basics tasks are taken care of
Completed in a timely manner
All team members are on the same page Lessons Learned cont... Seen first hand how a global corporation works
Communication challenges
Office pacing
Facilitate meetings
Preparations of office documents References dearjac.blogspot.com
Baxter History Timeline, February 2013. Kathy Gardner Mgr II, Records & Info Mgmt
David Bishop, Mgr I, Documentation
James Klinkowitz, Documentation Assoc II ERA is the routing of documents electronically rather than manually with paper
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