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Ocean Acidification

No description

Bri Alexander

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ocean Acidification

How does Ocean Acidification
effect the marine life? What is Ocean Acidification? Ocean Acidification means the pH level
in the ocean water is decreasing. How has the pH level in the ocean been decreasing? Since 1980 carbon dioxide has been released into the ocean. Carbon dioxide released by human activity has stayed in the atmosphere, with the ocean taking up 30% of the carbon dioxide. When the pH level lowers it makes it harder for
coral, plankton, and tiny marine snails to
form their body parts. Adding carbon dioxide
to the water slows corals'
growth rate and can dissolve
marine snails' shells. If pH levels continue to drop, the calcium will
drop also and marine creatures will not
be able to build their shells and skeletons. The ocean pH level is never expected to fall below 7.0 so the oceans are becoming less basic, but NOT acidic. Ocean Acidification
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