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The 1960's Hippies: Social Concerns & Beliefs

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Elizabeth Kuetemeyer

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of The 1960's Hippies: Social Concerns & Beliefs

The 1960's Hippies: Social Concerns

Who were the Hippies?
The Hippies were a youth movement from the mid-1960's
Hippies were a major part of a counter-culture lifestyle in America
The Hippie culture mainly consisted of white teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15-25
The Hippies opposed Established Institutions, Middle Class Values, and were against the Vietnam War
Hippies promoted sexual liberation and were known for there Hallucinogenic drug use
The Hippies were also known for the beliefs of gentle and non doctrinaire views & politics that favored "Peace, Love, and Freedom"
Externally Hippies expressed themselves uniquely by wearing "casual, folksy clothing with beads and headbands"
Where did the Hippies originate?
Before the Hippie movement we had the Beat Generation from the 1950's
Also known as the Beatniks
The beatniks embraced originality and individuality through poems, music and writing
They hung within their own communities and did not concern themselves with the traditional rules of religion, sex, music and literature
The beatniks are said "to be the parents to the Hippie counter-culture"
The Beatniks....
What where their major
Social Concerns and Beliefs?
Social Concerns:
Opposed middle class values
Opposed established institutions
Against Vietnam War
The Utopian Society
Middle Class Values:
Hippies rejected moral values of their parents
They felt estranged and rejected
"They felt dominated by materialism and repression" so they developed their own distinctive lifestyles
Hippies practiced open sexuality
They lived in various family groups
"They leaned toward unconventional dress with bright colors, favoring long hair, wore sandals, and beaded bands on their heads.
Many sought spiritual guidance in Buddhism & Eastern Religion outside of Christian beliefs
Promoted the use of hallucinogenic drugs, for example Marijuana & LSD, Hippies believed these helped expand their consciousness
Established Institutions
Vietnam War........

"Hippies Opposed established institutions, they referred to "establishment" as government and all other unelected ruling authorities"
The 1960's counter- culture showed rebellion against political conservatism during the Cold War and Vietnam War
Hippies were against most conservative morals that many joined in the protests of race, sexual revolution, and women's rights along with the Vietnam War
Hippies were against leaders and their policies feeling that many of the political issues in society could be handled in a more peaceful manner
Hippies were extreme Liberals, embracing individualism, rejecting the need of conformity, Peace and love, instead of hate and war
Hippies strongly opposed the Vietnam War
"As the war escalated Americans started to doubt the wisdom of the government and their administrators in leadership"
Hippies helped in protesting against the war and specifically were against the draft, they felt the war was wrong and should not be forced to fight if against their moral principals.......
Hippies would protest by holding sit in groups to organize peaceful protests this was seen to gain attention and support thier causes
not only did the Hippies oppose ighly the draft of the war but also its ethical reasons and moral reasons
"On October 21, 1967 100,000 people of many backgrounds such as teachers, liberals, Hippies, Vietnam veterans, and radical groups marched at the Pentagon"
The protest started in a peaceful manner in front of the Lincoln Memorial, violence soon erupted as more radical groups clashed with military soldiers protecting the Pentagon
Beliefs of a Utopian Society:
Hippies had many thoughts of who they were and what they stood for by conforming Utopian societies in their beliefs
Hippies had started family communes to live together
They wanted to live simple peaceful lives and live off the land, live more holistically
most grew their own foods and shared or sold the foods they grew
Their purpose was Peace and Harmony
The Hippie Utopian Society consisted of all "different class, race, and social backgrounds"
as discussed earlier Hippies religious beliefs included Buddhism, Eastern religion, and Astrology
What was the message
of Hippies?..
The Hippies tried to show America that life could be Peaceful, non violent, Non-conforming, and Free, Free with happiness

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