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Transforming Performance Event

No description

Amanda Marshall

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Transforming Performance Event

How the recession changed Investors in People Metamorphosis Impetus focus challenge Transforming Performance What our clients told us What's in the tin? The National Standard Reflects all good practice on high performance Experienced team Get the right team on the bus Accreditation Does what it say's on the tin How do we maximise the benefit to employers? What our Specialists told us more flexibility Don't put barriers in the way of us helping clients Recognise the
pace of change Design IiP around the clients needs Lose the funny language feedback Safe conversations STOP WASTING MONEY! Process Outcome People Business Understanding the challenge Who owns change? with the right people Putting you in touch No assumption/ requirement for accreditation Specialists role is to add value in any way "NO more IiP language" More regular
reviews Your IiP We Jim Oag
Director of Business Growth
Investors in People Scotland Peter Russian
Chief Executive
Investors in People Scotland Metaphormosis giving adopting good practice for rolling review more flexible
more relevant
more accessible
more impact Transforming Performance Act as your trusted and critical friend
Provide you with tailored advice to meet your unique needs
Engage with you through regular and relevant dialogue
Deliver an impartial and independent service
Respond promptly and effectively at all times
Continuously review our service to exceed your expectations ur Promise
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