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Hybrid car

No description

Maurizio Ciranni

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Hybrid car

Hybrid car Car with 2 engines
- Combustion engine
- Electronic engine 5.95km/l city
7.65 km/l highway

20.4km/l city
19.13km/l highway The consumption Greener
Consuming a lot less
No charging

More expensive to purchase
More expensive to maintain
Polluting production
Polluting battery Pros and cons ECO-mode: electronic or combustion
- 3 l/100km
Race-mode: electronic and combustion
- Electronic: 218 hp
- V8: 500+ hp Suitable for race? Is it really the future? Isn’t ugly anymore
Best brands are researching it
Temporary solution How does it work?
The consumption
Pros and cons
Suitable for race?
Is it really the future? Table of content Hybrid Petrol car How does it work? 1. Helps accelerating
2. Storing energy while driving
3. Storing energy from brakes
4. Driving on battery Thank you for listening Ciranni Maurizio and Pairoux Koen
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