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NC GreenPower Volunteer Training

No description

Katie Shepherd

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of NC GreenPower Volunteer Training

A statewide environmental nonprofit organization
Learn about NC GreenPower!
With the mission of improving the quality of the environment in North Carolina, the nonprofit NC GreenPower was founded in 2003 as a statewide program. In 2015, NC GreenPower launched a new program to support solar PV installations at North Carolina K-12 schools.

Nonprofit 501 (c)3 charity
Supported entirely by voluntary contributions
Independently administered program
Governed by a 17-member Board of Directors
2 full-time staff members and 4 additional staff
Renewable energy donations are used to pay approved generators across the state for each kilowatt hour of green energy they produce and put onto the electric grid from their project.
Renewable Energy
PNC Arena, Raleigh
Coquina Beach, Nags Head
Haneline Hydro, Statesville
Buncombe Landfill, Asheville
Carbon offsetting is the act of mitigating or preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon offset contributions are used to pay carbon mitigation projects for every pound of greenhouse gas that is destroyed from their project.
Carbon Offset
One example: Hog waste lagoon, capturing methane gas
How do donations work?
A typical $4 contribution goes a long way by adding one block of 50 kilowatt-hours of green energy to North Carolina’s power supply, plus you are helping to install solar PV arrays at NC K-12 schools.

Donors choose which product they want to support:
Solar Schools, Renewable Energy or Carbon Offsets.
NC GreenPower then sends quarterly payments
to each of our 500+ green power projects
and carbon offset project owners.
Email us at speaker@ncgreenpower.org
OR sign up from the homepage of our website
How do I sign up
to volunteer?
NC GreenPower will provide training for any volunteers who are interested in helping out.
Volunteering is fun!
Staffing an outreach table will help to educate the public on projects that we support across the state using voluntary donations from citizens and businesses in North Carolina. Supporting these projects leads to a cleaner, greener environment with sustainable energy sources. We also provide eco-friendly giveaways, such as recycled newspaper pencils and recycled paper pens.
Examples of what our
table might look like:
Join us on Social Media!
What is the NC GreenPower Volunteer Speakers Bureau?
The NC GreenPower Speakers Bureau was created to help carry the message of our mission to all corners of North Carolina. Comprising more than 450 speakers statewide, the Bureau provides free presentations to any group, business or organization that has an interest in learning more about clean energy alternatives, carbon offsets and their benefits to the people of this state. More volunteers are always needed!
Want to see this farm in action?
Covering the lagoon prevents greenhouse gases from escaping.
Methane gas from hog lagoons is 23 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide that is created from flaring.
Click here for Ten Tips to save energy at home!
(Short 6 minute video to follow...)
Go online to see a map of ALL generator projects!
What will I do when I volunteer?
We depend on our volunteers to fill in when we can't make it to an event, or if there are a lot of shifts to staff. We hope that you will be friendly and welcoming to event attendees and invite them to learn more about NC GreenPower! You can start the conversation by asking, "Have you heard of the NC GreenPower program?" If they haven't, let them know that we are a state-wide nonprofit supporting local renewable energy and carbon offset projects. They can easily make a donation to us on our website or add $4 to the electric bill. All tax-deductible!
NC GreenPower is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot program to provide matching grants for the cost and installation of a small 2-3 kW solar photovoltaic (“PV”) demonstration system with monitoring equipment and curriculum.

Financial support to schools that cannot afford a system and/or take advantage of tax credits
Enables NC GreenPower to continue education and awareness efforts around renewable energy in communities across the state and provide lesson plans and curriculum as additional educational tools for both educators and students in North Carolina
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